One of Webtrends’ clients is a Fortune 500 telecommunications equipment company with customers that include police departments, fire departments and emergency medical services. These customers go to the source when shopping for the client’s products, so it wanted to make sure its website visitors got the best, most current product information available, easily–and that they didn’t have to dig for it.

The company had been running a hodgepodge of analytics hardware and software from various firms, and very little of it was integrated. It was also going through an IT transition, reviewing software for cost and effectiveness.

To simplify things, Webtrends moved the client to on-demand analytics, freeing up the company’s in-house IT staff. Webtrends Professional Services helped the company with basic implementation of OnDemand, transferring legacy systems to the newest version of Visitor Data Mart. Webtrends also tagged the client’s partner portals so visitors could find what they needed with the fewest possible clicks.

The client likes to see its customers face-to-face, so Webtrends also lined up a strategic partner for ongoing local proactive service.

Thanks to Webtrends’ On-Demand service, the client has now been able to reduce the amount of software it uses to analyze visitor activity. Data reliability–measured proof that visitors are finding what they need, and quickly–has also gone way up.

“The company had wanted to move a lot of its software to services, but had to prove the effort was worth it,” says Heather Crince, Webtrends Customer Relationship Manager. “OnDemand is just that–it’s available when the client needs it. That high availability helped them justify the move.”

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