What is Webtrends Optimize and Where Is It Headed?


Webtrends Engage 2013 is now in full swing, and I thought I’d share what’s being revealed in the world of online testing and content targeting. Michael Wilson (Sr. Director of Product Marketing) and Peter Crossly (Directory of Architecture) led a session at Engage on Webtrends Optimize: what it is today and where it is going in the future.

Michael started by painting the picture of challenges digital marketers face when they rely on their website to drive revenue. Marketers spend to engage and re-engage people online. They drive people to the site, but conversion rates remain consistently low. Three percent is an industry standard conversion rate – but what if you could get hihger conversion than this? Higher conversion means more revenue and better ROI of your marketing investments.

Michael emphasized that what it comes down to is customer experience. A good customer experience increases engagement, conversion, loyalty, and return visits. A bad customer experience causes abandonment and keeps customers from coming back.

Webtrends Optimize is a testing and targeting platform that delivers optimized content to customer segments. It is run on a full-service model, meaning that this technolgoy comes with a services team that ensures optimizaiton projects are successful. A comprehensive skill set comes with this team. Here’s a snapshot:


 Michael then launched into the exciting new features and capabilities now being released with Webtrends Optimize, such as:

  •  A brand new, user-friendly interface. Everyone is invited to come check it out and provide feedback to the designers at the Webtrends Engage Partner Pavilion. The goal is to make the UI available and usable by marketers for simple testing to run in parallel to the more sophisticated testing run by the Webtrends team.
  • Online testing and content targeting that goes beyond standard JavaScript implementation. In a nutshell, these features mean that anything, anywhere, can be tested and targeted.

– The REST API allows for testing across platforms and channels.
– The new URL-based testing allows for campaign optimization and re-targeting.

And last, but not least, Peter Crossly shared details on Full Session Scoring ™, which was announced this morning at the Keynote session and integrates Webtrends Optimize and Webtrends Streams. Full Session Scoring identifies and scores attributes of each customer as they occur. You can set up logic that to serve specific, user-based content triggered by attributes that occur during the session. For example, a customer who browses for jackets could receive, in real time, a coupon for gloves if you purchase a jacket—increasing the AOV and conversion for that customer. Webtrends is the only provider that can target based on actions as they happen.

So to sum up, there’s lots of cool stuff happening with Webtrends Optimize, and lots more to come in the future!