When it comes to online customer experience...

are you seeing only part of the picture?

Webtrends Optimize and SessionCam - Better Together​

We notice that you’re using Hotjar to monitor how your website visitors are behaving but seems like you may be seeing only part of the picture.

Webtrends Optimize are partnering with SessionCam to not only give you greater understanding of your customer journeys but also to allow you to rectify any frustrations you may uncover without the need of your web development team.

If you are serious about maximising your website revenue, read on.

You’ve already decided that seeing your visitor web behaviour is important, but to gain competitive advantage you need to take your insight to another level. Hotjar only provides  basic session recording, heatmaps, form analytics and conversion funnel tracking. However, SessionCam delivers a much more comprehensive vision, offering all the same basic functionality as Hotjar but with customer journey mapping, struggle detection, funnel insights and it can also highlight potential revenue impact.

With SessionCam you will detect more and be able to analyse in greater depth. With Webtrends Optimize CRO you will be able to create and test  solutions to the problems you find. If you find a problem on your site and wish to test a revised version, then when analysing your results through Webtrends Optimize you will be able to add another layer of discovery by watching not only customers behaviour on your control page, but also watch how your customers adapt and use your experiment variations.

Webtrends Optimize has been providing website optimisation for nearly 20 years and is respected by hundreds of companies world-wide. Our easy to use and quick to learn solution enables marketers and developers alike to unlock the full potential of your website, driving conversions and increasing revenue.

Webtrends Optimize allows you to take the insight you have gained from SessionCam and easily make adjustments to webpages using our WYSIWYG interface. You can experiment with different content variants and run tests to see which resonates better with your audience. You simply “overlay” this content on your existing pages without having to alter your existing site. And support is always at hand to help you when you need it – take a look at our reviews on G2.

Webtrends Optimize offers much more… So much more – Its not just testing, but a wealth of other tools to improve your customer’s online journey:revised

  • Target specific audiences with different content

  • Create Exit Intent messages to keep visitors engaged

  • Enable Social Proofing to validate previous customer experiences

  • Provide Urgency Messaging allowing visitors to see when stock is low or other visitors are purchasing

  • Product Scraping to discourage visitors copying product descriptions to search other sites for lower prices

  • Frustrate Amazon Assistant which some visitors use to automatically compare and overlay Amazon prices directly on top of your product pages

Both SessionCam and Webtrends Optimize offer free trials - So isn't it time your website delivered more?

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