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Press Release

Webtrends Optimize are delighted to announce their partnership with Greenlight.

Greenlight are an award winning, full-service digital and commerce agency, formed in 2001 in North London. Their current team stands at around 170 and they’ve come a long way from the group of three who started the business nearly 20 years ago.

Importantly, those same three people are still very much leading Greenlight forward, allowing them to remain independent, and take a flexible, dynamic approach in everything they do. They have an absolute focus on audience, and ideals which align data with creativity which, as they proudly say in their manifesto, means “Not head or heart. Both”.

Recognising the huge importance of conversion rate optimisation and AB testing in any digital strategy, Greenlight have a first class CRO services and technical team specialising in the development of test hypotheses, performance analysis and user experience auditing. With data again being the underlying driver to ensure the right approach and insights are understood for each client.

Matthew Whiteway, Client Services Director at Greenlight said: “We have used various CRO platforms in the market but Webtrends Optimize lets us do everything – Testing, Personalisation, Social Proof, Mobile Apps… It’s easier to budget with our clients when we know the price won’t change.

“You don’t often find tools that are cost-effective, feature rich, and proven with the biggest brands in the world.

“They have a team I’ve met multiple times, feel I already know, and can catch on the phone or email directly at any time”.

Matt Smith, CEO of Webtrends Optimize said: “I know from talking to Matthew that Greenlight have been burned with some CRO partners in the past. I like to think we will bring a different level of integrity and commitment to our partnership. Plus the fact our UK-based team can respond quickly to even the most technical of enquiries, or drop into their office to support whenever needed is a big advantage”.

Send Webtrends Optimize a message, or call 0333 444 5502, if you’d like a no obligation demo or would like to discuss how we can help your business.