Agencies & Partnerships

Join our network of trusted partners leveraging Webtrends Optimize.

Provide advanced services and integrations, working alongside Webtrends-Optimize - the most comprehensive tool on the market with Testing, Personalisation, Server-Side APIs, Product Recommendations and Social Proof all included as standard.


Technology Providers

Work with us to bring great tools closer together, for the benefit of our clients. Whether we're augementing your data with ours or vice-versa, or looking to integrate and recommend tools, a technology partnership helps interested customers get more from our tools.


Agencies & Influencers

This tier of partnership comes with the benefits of full training and onboarding, preferential pricing and commission, strong support over JIRA with access to the team, and recognition of our partnership with a listing in our partner directory and use of partner logos.

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Strategic Partners

Distinguish yourself as a top-tier partner, and receive the additional benefits of onsite training and onboarding, recurring commission, live-chat support Slack channels (or we can join yours), co-marketing and sales strategies, and a listing in our strategic partner directory.

Take a closer look

See how Webtrends Optimize Next Generation can help you to manage your clients testing, personalisation and optimisation requirements.


Q: Why is Webtrends Optimize different from other vendors?
A: Webtrends has been around for nearly 25 years and has predominantly worked across large enterprise clients, so we understand their needs and have designed Optimize Next Generation around them. This means that whatever size of business, and whatever needs they have, from simple button testing to personalisation, we have it covered.

Q: We currently use a competitor of yours, what help can you offer to transition clients across to Webtrends Optimize?
A: We understand that there may be times when you need to move clients to our solution and as part of a support package, we can certainly help to do this.

Q: We run testing for many different clients, how do you price your product?
A: Pricing for Agencies is relatively simple. You purchase a “package” for each domain that you work with. Please talk to our agencies team and they will be happy to walk thorough this with you.

Q: How would your pricing work with having multiple clients all with different contracts?
A: As this is a “package model” simply purchase additional packages as and when you need them

Q: What support do you offer?
A: Depending on your requirements you can purchase bundles of support hours or additional help from our hugely experienced team, via our hybrid service. Our solution is completely flexible so we can provide just the right level of support that you need and require.
Q: What training do you provide?
A: As Webtrends Optimize offers a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) interface, getting started is easy. We have online training that will help you to navigate around the interface and beyond that, if you want more comprehensive training we offer classroom training either at our offices, or at your own facilities.

Q: Do you offer a free trial?
A: We are currently working on having a free trial facility but in the meantime please talk to our agencies team and they will be happy to discuss your requirements and see what we can offer that suits your needs.

Q: We have 5 people who all need access to this tool, Are there any restrictions to the number of users?
A: There are no restrictions with regards to the number of active users, either within your own organisation or at your clients. You will have the ability to set up users as you wish.

Q: We often use remote external contractors, are there any constraints based on IP addresses?
A: There are no restrictions by IP – Anyone, anywhere can access the solution with their login details.

Q: How easy is it to deploy Webtrends Optimize on my client’s site?
A: When you add a domain to Webtrends Optimize you will be automatically provided with the code to load up on your client’s website. This is a really simple process and we even provide a short video to help you. With the right access to your clients CMS you should be able to get their site tagged within 30 minutes – it’s that easy.

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