August 2020

What we did this month

Throughout August our worker bees were once again busy adding more honey to the Optimize platform. Here are some of the highlights…

August 2020

August 2020 - Key Product Updates

  1. Site Manager Module is now available within the App
    • Users now have full control over which sites and domains are in scope for testing and personalisation.
    • Users can now self service the management and creation of new domains from within the Webtrends Optimize app
  2. Baseline Reporting has been extended to include funnel and drop off analysis
    • Users can now see full analysis of the complete funnel within the reporting dashboard
    • This also provides a more informative and visually appealing view of baseline data for analysts
  3. Chart colours conform to Web Content Accessibility Guidelines
    • Delivers clearer definition between chart elements to provide greater visibility to users with impaired vision
  4. Automated Goal Tracking
    • Enables conversion points and data captured consistently for every project
    • Avoids duplicated effort in KPI and validation over multiple projects
  5. Audit trail expansion
    • Audit trail now includes the ability to view asset and tag manager events
    • Experiment changes provide ‘Manager’ users a more comprehensive view of who did what, and when
  6. Reporting configuration changes
    • All report configurations (dates etc) are now automatically saved within the report which removes the need to re-select previously selected options, even when revisiting the report at a later date thus saving time and frustration

As always, we have also made some minor bug fixes and performance improvements to keep everything running smoothly.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch or, if you like what you see, why why not take a free trial and take a look at Webtrends Optimize for yourself.

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