January 2021

What we did this month

As we kicked off the new year, our worker bees were once again busy adding more honey to the Optimize platform. Here are some of the key updates…

January 2021

January 2021 - Key Product Updates

In our first release of 2021 our developers have focused on enhancing usability, enabling you to improve productivity when creating experiments. A few highlights…

  1. Report Download
    • Our reporting dashboard has always been very comprehensive, but we have now given you the ability to extract and download specific report information to either .pdf or .csv formats.
  2. Segments in Use
    • Audience Segmentation is a powerful tool with no limits to the number of segments that can be created. Within this release you now have the ability to see where segments are being utilised in your account by your experiments so that you don’t accidentally delete any of them.
  3. Test Page Refresh
    • This feature improves the usability when creating experiments. The page can now be refreshed to see an experiment in-situ without the need for exiting the application.
  4. Reorder Content
    • When you use ‘display:flex’ you can now reorder ‘divs’ allowing you to move when you are showing product categories.

As always, we have also made some minor bug fixes and performance improvements to keep everything running smoothly.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch or, if you like what you see, why why not take a free trial and take a look at Webtrends Optimize for yourself.

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