September 2020

What we did this month

Throughout September our worker bees were once again busy adding more honey to Webtrends Optimize. Here are some of the highlights…

September 2020

September 2020 - Key Product Updates

  1. Enhanced Password Security
    • Passwords will expire after 90 days. Beyond that, the user will be requested to reset their password via email
    • Access to Webtrends Optimize will be locked out if 5 unsuccessful password attempts are made
    • Previous passwords will no longer be allowed when resetting your password
    • Show/Hide password facility reduces the incorrect entry’s of complex passwords
  2. Redesigned State Selector
    • With the new improved design, users can now easily see what stage each experiment is in
    • The new design makes these bigger and incorporates colour matched coding
  3. Directly Edit CSS Styles into Experiment Variations
    • By enabling CSS styles within a pop-up dialog box it improves efficiency of design where it’s needed
  4. Additional Guidance on Experiments
    • This feature helps take the guesswork out of when an experiment reaches significance and offers an easy to use method of publishing the winning variation or simply archiving the experiment
    • This feature can be switched on or off within the account overview screen
  5. Configurable Default Confidence Level
    • Although we would still recommend that your confidence level is set at 95% to ensure a high level of success in your experiments, you now have the ability to set your own confidence level
    • This is achievable through the report setting part of the account overview section

As always, we have also made some minor bug fixes and performance improvements to keep everything running smoothly.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch or, if you like what you see, why why not take a free trial and take a look at Webtrends Optimize for yourself.

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