AB Testing

Make informed, data-driven decisions for your website by utilising AB testing

AB Testing Explained

A/B testing is a method for measuring the performance of two versions of a web page or app. The results of an AB test are analysed to establish which version works best for a defined conversion goal. Webtrends Optimize uses market-leading technology to test landing pages and measure the user behaviour of a defined target audience. Using advanced statistical modelling, Webtrends Optimize can accurately predict which test result will perform best. Running an AB test against an existing user experience can eliminate guesswork when designing and delivering new digital experiences.

A/B Testing where version B triumphs over version A on a Retail Website

AB testing across channel & device

Webtrends Optimize allows you to design and create effective AB tests quickly and easily. Our intuitive, interface is designed with simplicity in mind making it easy for you to perform conversion rate optimisation.

A/B test call to action buttons, body copy, image placement, form fields and many other elements across your website, mobile, mobile apps, CRM and email. Test results and progress provide invaluable insight on user behaviour as they engage with your digital assets.

Testing tools can create a compelling business case for future development, investment and Marketing campaigns.

A/B Testing example screenshot with magnifying glass highlighting what has been changed

AB Testing vs Multivariate

Understanding the different testing methods can be confusing, so what’s the difference between A/B testing and Multivariate testing?

AB testing is simply the choice between one version of a web page and a different version of a web page, with traffic split evenly between the two.

Multivariate testing is different because it allows multiple elements of a single webpage to be changed to establish which combination delivers the best result. Watch our short video to find out more.

Get the most from your AB Testing

A/Bn Testing of changing button colours between orange, green and purple on a tablet device

Know which content inspires action

Even simple tests can provide useful insight and surprising results compared with your initial thoughts about what might work best. Changing the button colour or position of a call to action can have a significant impact on click-through rate and can increase conversion.

With A/B testing, you’ll get a statistically significant result for which button, message, design or any other element resonate best with your customers, whatever the sample size.

A/B Testing of outbound emails with different coloured buttons on mobile

Create more meaningful marketing

Maximise your CRM and email marketing by breaking through the inbox noise. Webtrends Optimize allows you to test your emails to establish which design and messages encourage users to act.

Testing email creative can significantly increase engagement and click-through rate (CTR). Understanding user behaviour is important so our platform integrates seamlessly with your web analytics provider, including Google Analytics.

Choose your level of service

When making a decision about which solution is right for your business, our approach is flexible and bespoke. Perhaps you’re considering conversion rate optimisation for the first time or maybe you have a dedicated internal CRO function? Whatever your requirement, our comprehensive range of support options will be tailored to your specific needs. From a fully-managed service to a platform only SaaS model – and all points in between, choose only what you need.

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