Onsite Surveys

Measuring website satisfaction in real-time with onsite surveys

Tracking customer interactions from your analytics and testing tools can be easily supplemented using regular onsite surveys. From simple snapshots to complex questionnaires, Webtrends Optimize makes it possible to receive instant feedback of your customers’ experience so that you have the power to exceed their expectations. User feedback is invaluable. Both qualitative (easy to take a pulse) and quantitative (detailed feedback).

Feedback that’s fresh from the customer’s mind

An onsite survey is a great way to receive customer feedback, which you can then use to improve your user experience and increase conversions for your business.

Placing the right type of onsite surveys at the right places on your website, creates an easy way for you to discover real time insights directly from the most important people – those using your site.

You can find information such as why visitors have come to your site, what they hope to achieve, and why they may leave the site early. This instant feedback can be invaluable.

Simple conversational pop-ups asking users for zero party data such as the type of products they’re looking for (for example menswear, womenswear, kidswear etc.) are really helpful in allowing you to deliver a more valuable experience for your users and can guide immediate onsite personalisation.

Onsite Surveys bespoke to your business needs

Onsite surveys can appear in many different forms, depending on what feedback you are trying to gain from your customers. They can appear as pop-ups, slide ins or even full-page questionnaires. The key is to think critically about what you want to achieve from your survey to decide where and when you will ask for the feedback.

For example, if you have a page with high exit rates, a simple pop-up asking why they are leaving the site can help identify something problematic. Another example is to add an initial homepage survey to ask if they are a home or business user. Answers to these types of questions can help you to power and personalise their further onsite experiences eg. displaying VAT included vs ex-VAT pricing for them.

Non-intrusive data collection

Using onsite surveys instead of emails for feedback, as an example, allows you to use your entire pool of website visitors as your potential respondents, which naturally gives you a higher response rate.

Having no set requirements to share phone numbers or email addresses removes potential roadblocks experienced in other survey types. You do not have to wait for them to respond when it’s an instant onsite survey, and you remove issues such as incorrect email addresses.

Onsite Surveys with Webtrends Optimize

With onsite surveys, measuring any type of data is a key benefit. Using open ended questions in a survey allows you to measure specific qualitative data depending on what information you have decided to deep dive into.

An example would be asking for product feedback or understanding what brings visitors to your website. Alternatively, website surveys can also help you collect relevant quantitative data which can get you the figures needed to confirm broader general points of your research, like visitor behaviour.

Any type of relevant data at your fingertips

One of the key benefits of onsite surveys is that they can act as canary for site issues. Negative feedback often cuts to the core of things we should look to fix. They are a very useful guide to experimentation and where to start testing.

When you’re a Webtrends Optimize user, there’s no need to subscribe to additional survey tools as they’re already part of our full-stack, all-inclusive model.

So you already have access, and it’s really easy to AB test things like the location of your onsite surveys, as well as the different types of questions you ask to ensure that you are getting the maximum return from your efforts.

Improving user experience is a key element in website optimisation, and our team is ready to help guide you through using this indispensable analytic and feedback tool and how to use in the most strategic way for your business.

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