Product Scraping

What is it and should I be worried?

It’s a modern phenomenon that takes place millions of times a day by millions of people across the globe but very few people talk about it and even fewer know if there is anything that can be done to reduce it.

Product scraping takes place on a website that offers products for sale, primarily used by visitors of retail websites, but travel, finance and others are not immune. It’s used by visitors to copy the text of a product and paste it back into another tab of their browser to compare pricing or delivery times / costs.

How does it impact my business?

The problem with product scraping is if it’s done on your site, you are potentially losing not only possible revenue, but you may also be incurring PPC costs for ads to get people to your site which only goes on to serve other website sales. This could also be a possible reason why you may often see visitors looking at products but never entering the buying funnel.

Without Product Scraping Enabled
Product Scraping enabled

How can we help prevent this?

Understanding how often your website is subject to product scraping is the key to identifying what can be done to reduce it. With Webtrends Optimize not only can you report on products that are highlighted but also there are many tactics available to deploy that will help reduce it, keep your visitors on your site and increase conversions.

Just like Exit Intent we monitor the underlying behaviour and mouse movements to track when products are highlighted and then you can trigger actions to stimulate further engagement, such as discount codes, free delivery, urgency or scarcity messaging.

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