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Our Goal

At Webtrends Optimize we help businesses increase online conversions. To maximise the ROI from their website and other digital assets with informed, data-driven decisions. And we do! On average our clients achieve a 26-times return on their investment.

With our simple approach and market-leading technology we enhance digital experiences and allow experimentation without restrictions, with an absolute focus on the customer at all times.

Through testing, analysis and personalisation tools, or a combination of all of these, we look to find the right solutions based on the data, the industry, the brand, the website, the consumer…

One size very rarely fits all, and that ethos is at the core of everything we do. It’s why we offer a Self-Service solution, a Managed Service or a hybrid of the two. Why we work with both agencies or directly with clients. And why all of our experimentation tools & features are available to every one of our clients and partners, with no hidden tiers or upgrades required.

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Our Story

Our technology was created in 2000, the first testing and targeting solution in the market. The platform has grown exponentially since then, and even more rapidly so since the acquisition of Webtrends Optimize in August 2018 by the UK-based Accelerate Group Ltd.

The founders of Accelerate Group Ltd, Matt Smith, Matt Goodchild and Ben Charlesworth, have a long history in Technology, eCommerce and Marketing, and a long-held belief in the power of CRO.

Combined with the knowledge and expertise of their fellow directors, and the incredibly experienced Optimize team who transferred across into the new World in 2018, we have (no pun intended…) accelerated at an exceptional pace. We have implemented huge infrastructure improvements, a completely new, intuitive UI and continuous stream of new tools and features.

This is effectively just the beginning of our story, but with 19 years of solid research & development behind us we know we have the right structure in place to tell it.

The Directors

The Team

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Part technical PM, part CRO analyst & part Marketing consultant… providing dedicated, hands-on access into all resources within the team, individually assigned to a client/partner.

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Our expert developers, UX & QAs manage and deliver the technical implementation of client experiments to tight schedules and precise deadlines, using Server and Web technologies.

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IT, Product &

The R&D team who come up with the ideas, design, and build the foundations for all that our platform can do. And the walls. And the floors. And the roof. They make the complex seem simple.

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Sales &

Our eCommerce, Marketing & Sales teams are the glue which binds us together. Without somewhere to showcase our technology, or the ability to tell anyone about it where would we be?

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