Funnel Optimisation

Turn browsers into buyers

No matter what business you’re in, converting visitors effectively through a funnel equals revenue. Whether you want customers to download, register or buy, you want your conversion funnel to be optimised to the fullest.

Optimise the user experience and meet your objectives

Having your visitor engage with your site only to leave part way through a buying process is often the result of insufficient knowledge about your consumers. By using data from historical and current visitor behaviour to better understand who you’re engaged with, you can take action to provide content and trigger points that ‘nudge’ visitors to move all the way through your buying funnel. The best way to achieve this is through testing variations of content to know for certain what drives conversions. 

Post it notes showing What, Who, Why etc. highlighting the first step of funnel optimisation is understanding your users

Funnel Optimisation requires continuous testing and using data collected from your analytics solution to deliver the optimum experience. “Hunches” and “guess-work” may be a good starting point but to perfect funnel optimisation will take time and effort.

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We have a range of website optimisation solutions available to best suit the needs of your business.

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