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#TheBigLift Webtrends Optimize Podcast

#TheBigLift Podcast by Webtrends Optimize gathers together a broad range of individuals from different industries to discuss key topics of the day.

From people within our own business to experts from other demographics and industries, clients and partners… all our guests share a common passion for conversion rate optimisation and the digital marketing sphere. Each episode gives us the opportunity to discover unique insights from industry peers on subjects such as CRO, experimentation, personalisation, analytics, marketing, business growth and online performance. Podcasting has gone from strength to strength over the last few years and continues to grow as a popular and intimate way to showcase important and trending topics.

#TheBigLift Podcast

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We’re always on the lookout for future guests. On previous #TheBigLift podcasts we’ve had guests from partners such as Journey Further and Swanky, experienced marketers from companies such as Cancer Research and Huawei, professional podcasters such as Chloe Thomas and have discussed a hugely diverse range of subjects as you can see from the previous episodes above.

So, whether you have a good story to tell, a topic you’d like to discuss, or an opinion on anything going on in conversion rate optimisation, experimentation or the wider digital, marketing or technology sphere then we’re looking for you! If you would like to get involved with #TheBigLift Podcast and come and join us in the future, please do get in touch!

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