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CRO, AB, ABn MVT, SDKs… Multi-armed Bandits, Type 1 Errors and Squeeze Pages… 
The digital World is drowning in jargon and acronyms – find out what it all means with our glossary of commonly used conversion rate optimisation terminology (and those terms that regularly come into its orbit).


AB Testing

AB Testing Make informed, data-driven decisions for your website by utilising AB testing What is AB Testing? A/B testing is

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Continuous Delivery

Continuous Delivery What is it? Continuous delivery is a Release strategy which delivers Software Code Releases into Production (Live Environment),

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Cookies What are cookies? A cookie is a small piece of data sent from a website and stored on the user’s computer by

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Dynamic Content

Dynamic Content What is it? Dynamic content refers to website content that is changed depending on the visitor behaviour, geographical

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Exit Intent

Exit Intent Don’t miss out on an extra opportunity to engage Today’s online customers are sophisticated – and often impatient.

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Form Optimisation

Form Optimisation Reduces form abandonment Using form optimisation you can improve the path to form and application completion on your

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Funnel Optimisation

Funnel Optimisation Turn browsers into buyers No matter what business you’re in, converting visitors effectively through a funnel equals revenue.

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Geotargeting What is geotargeting? Geotargeting is the method of determining the geolocation of a website visitor and delivering different content

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Heatmaps What are Heatmaps? Heatmaps are a visual representation report, whereby values are represented by colours. Heatmaps can be used

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Hello Bars

Hello Bars Use hello bars to convert visitors into customers & make return visitors feel welcome What are hello bars?

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Hybrid Service

Hybrid Service Comfortable building your own tests but maybe want some additional guidance and fancy dipping your toe into something

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Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing What is inbound marketing? Traditional marketing has, up until the last decade or so, heavily relied upon outbound

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Lead Generation

Lead Generation What is Lead Generation? The idea of lead generation seems fundamental to most businesses.  In order to understand

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Managed Service

Managed Service If you need a little help or guidance, don’t have any optimisation expertise or resource in-house, or just

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Meta Tags

Meta Tags What are Meta Tags? Metadata is ‘data’ about data. In this context, Meta tags are small snippets of

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Onsite Retargeting

Onsite Retargeting Increase Cross-sell and Up-sell Opportunities Unlike offsite retargeting (pay-per-click advertising, for example), retargeting a consumer while engaged on

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Onsite Surveys

Onsite Surveys Get instant feedback from your visitors Tracking your customer interactions from your analytics and your testing tool can

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Reporting Dashboard

Reporting Dashboard What is a Reporting Dashboard? A reporting dashboard contains current data and highlight specified metrics in visually appealing

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Sales Funnel

Sales Funnel What is it? The sales funnel (or eCommerce conversion funnel) is a visualisation of the route that the

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Self Service

Self-Service Just starting out or experienced in optimisation – If you are a marketer who wants to improve basic elements

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Server-side Testing

Server-side Testing Expand your possibilities with server-side testing What is server-side testing? On a basic level, when delivering A/B or

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Site Search

Site Search Optimisation Help your visitors find what they need When your visitors are in a hurry, they often default

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Social Proof

Social Proof Let the wisdom of crowds work for you What is Social Proof? Social Proof is essentially the utilisation

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Split Testing

Split Testing What is Split Testing? Split testing is a method of AB testing where the challenger experiment or experiments

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Targeting What is Targeting? Targeting consists in showing specific visitors a certain piece of content based upon pre-defined criteria, such

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Urgency Messaging

Urgency Messaging Turn Procrastinators into Decision Makers Some visitors need extra motivation to take action when it comes to E-Commerce

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Website Personalisation

Website Personalisation Use website personalisation to create custom user experiences across your digital portfolio Where to start with website personalisation

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