Case Studies

A small selection of Webtrends Optimize case studies and success stories

Increased site conversions, online sales, AOV, revenue, user engagement, improved customer experience and usability.
Website optimisation, multivariate & AB testing and personalisation are proven methodologies that delivers for business of all sizes, in all industries.

As long as you have digital goals, CRO can help you. Take a look at how some of our clients and partners across different sectors have used Webtrends Optimize to drive their business forward – from SMEs just starting on their digital journey to huge brands known worldwide.

16.2% increase in AOV

7% uplift in online sales

104% aggregated conversion lift

164% form conversion uplift

Delivering a new online store via Shopify

12% increase in bookings with Exit Intent

Using Optimize tools to reduce vendors

“Having a trusted partnership was key”

Testing faster page load to increase sales

Up to 24% uplift in conversions

21% uplift in mobile conversion

Deliver continuous, agile improvements

500% uplift in conversions

Increasing bookings from AB & MVT

Huge AOV increase via testing & targeting

Increasing bookings through MVT

24% uplift in conversions

Increased sales of over £1m

Huge sales uplifts using MVT

Supporting digital transformation

Uplift of 27% by optimising search funnel

Holistic approach to optimisation

“One test justified buying the service”

€2m uplift per quarter

61% uplift in getting users into search funnel

These Webtrends Optimize case studies show how we have successfully helped businesses define their own CRO strategies, combining various conversion techniques and tools to achieve the most relevant testing and personalisation roadmap for their websites and digital assets.

The great thing about Webtrends Optimize is that you don’t just have to stop at AB testing. We don’t believe in restricting features, or putting them behind a ‘paywall’. You get access to all of our tools as standard, with no additional cost. So you can add social proof or product recommendations into the mix, test using exit intent popups or hello bars… it’s all there, and more. Find out what works for you and your business, without limitations.

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