AB Testing Calculator

Find out if your results are statistically significant with our easy-to-use AB testing calculator

Are you wondering if your AB test result is actionable or just down to a chance result? Perhaps you want to know the probability that your variation is likely to outperform the Control? Our AB testing calculator will tell you if your variation increased your sales (and how much by if so), and if the result was statistically significant. It will also calculate the additional conversions and revenue this could generate per day, month, quarter, and year should you choose to implement this change in your website permanently.

AB Testing with Webtrends Optimize

Everything the AB testing calculator above does, and more, is built into our platform as part of our statistical engine and detailed interactive reporting suite. Webtrends Optimize can help you enhance your AB testing and website optimisation strategy; our services and support are all totally flexible, so depending on the size of your internal team, or your current partner’s service capabilities, you can add on the right level of ‘help’ that best suits your business model and budgets. From just using us as a trusted sounding board if you want to run something past our expert team all the way to a fully managed service.

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Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)

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