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What is Discovery?

Discovery allows you to analyse experiments in more detail, observe data from different viewpoints (easily highlighting trends & exceptions) and discover intelligent insights faster than ever before by using Behavioural Filters & Dimensions directly in Webtrends Optimize, eliminating the scope for human error.

Key Features

Here is a quick exploration of just a few of Discovery's key features...

Re-order your dimensional data hierarchy

View data how you want it. Put the custom dimension as the category, group or row. No more opening multiple browser tabs or exporting data into spreadsheets to build custom views.

Virtually limitless filtering

Add as many as you want including device types, browsers (including niche tech such as Tesla in-car & Oculus VR), geolocation (city or country) etc.

Behavioural filters

Filter on any metric you've captured in your experiment eg. pages viewed, elements clicked, errors tracked, add to basket, purchases, AOV etc.

IP address filtering

Successful tests rely on clean data. Remove the contamination of non-genuine traffic and control the environment of your experiments.

Negative filters

Use any of these filters not just for inclusion, but for exclusion too.

Match any or all

Match your selected filters on any or all attributes.

Filter out rogue traffic

Exclude other 'known' traffic sources/channels that are not relevant or are skewing your test results.

Select scope

Analyse your conversion rates based on user lifecycle or session.

What problems does Discovery solve?

Discovery tackles two key challenges we've identified with how users analyse their experiments…

Webtrends Optimize Discovery Filters

#1 Insights are slow to come by

Historically, in most testing tools, if you want to understand the performance of your test for Desktop, Tablet and Mobile (for example), you have to load the UI in multiple browser tabs and filter each tab to each device.

Then, if you want to compare them, you’ll probably manually copy the data, cell by cell, into Excel and start to construct your own views there.

This isn’t very efficient for a few reasons, but mainly:

A. It's not scalable - imagine doing this for 20 countries or 300 cities instead of 3 devices. You probably won’t. So valuable learnings inside the data never get found.

B. Humans make mistakes - a simple fact of life. You can spend hours (or even days) trying to work something out, only to realise that you were missing a single digit.

#2 Noise is creating bad outcomes

What if, for example, you've built a test and QA'd it on Chrome and Safari. You run it for desktop, and it doesn't have much impact. You learn what little you can from a non-performing test and move on to the next.

However, what if Chrome and Safari were at +5% for conversion, but IE and Edge were at -40%? How often would you just never notice...?

What if some countries take badly to the experiences you've built? Or there are device types you didn’t account for in the design? Or one of the countless other things you’ve not had the time to consider?

Bots could regularly crawl your site, entering your tests, and simulating real browsing through headless browsers. Recognising them is great - but removing them from the data is crucial.

Bad outcomes are easy to come by, and having dirty datasets isn't helpful.

How does Discovery solve these issues?

The ability to report on tests by dimensions was, until recently, a feat limited to pure Analytics tools like GA and Adobe. If you wanted to do sophisticated analysis, you'd do it there... without the statistics to hand.

Whilst the ability to apply a dimension to slice your entire data set isn't new, the ability to decide exactly how you want to view the data is.

Essentially you get to ask completely different questions of your data, on the fly (without needing to pre-define), and have them answered by Discovery.

Sandeep Shah, Product Director at Webtrends Optimize sums it up best: "We've built something I've not seen in any experimentation tool to date - by nudging where the custom dimension is inserted, your view changes completely."

Combine this with an engine that provides some of the most sophisticated filtering seen in any testing tool on the market…

All things you can adjust ‘as you work’, and re-fetch with a single click.

From the studies we've done, this reduces analyses that can take a whole day to something you can achieve with a view in our Discovery UI in literal SECONDS.

No tiers. No paywalls. No upgrades required...

And the best thing about Discovery? It's built into the Webtrends Optimize platform and available as part of our full-stack, all-inclusive model.

And therefore, when you buy your licence, you get it as standard, at no extra cost, as always!

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