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Webtrends Optimize is a simple to use, yet extremely powerful testing and personalisation platform using Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) tools to drive better visitor experiences on your website and increase ROI.

Whilst there are huge conversion uplift opportunities to be made with relatively straightforward experiments which you can easily run yourself using the Self-Service model; for more complex optimisation projects you may also choose to take advantage of our experienced optimisation consultants via our Hybrid or Managed Service solutions.

Take a look at our easy to use Visual Editor

Webtrends Optimize Next Generation offers the flexibility of a powerful yet easy to use WYSIWYG interface coupled with a code based alternative that allows you to create an array of tests and targets.

Intuitive Dashboard

You will be able to manage all of these tests and targets through our intuitive dashboard which provides easy access to either a snapshot of your account activity or more detailed information within a few clicks.

The dashboard is the hub of your projects, it allows you to monitor the progress of your experiments in a visual form with minimal distractions. The dropdown menu lets you administer tests, targets, segments and locations as well as managing data imports, scheduled exports and all of your media assets.

Seeing is believing

The visual editor enables you to create tests and targets whilst working within the webpage, so you can see exactly what the finished results will be. You can add or edit text, make it bigger, change the colour, change or scale images and add banners.

You won’t need to have any understanding of HTML or be a skilled graphic designer. If you do have a developer that can provide code then you can store that in the asset library and add it at the right time and place enabling you to re-use code where applicable.

Data! Data! Data!

Screenshot of the Webtrends Optimize product screen for creating a segmented target audience for an AB test

Select your target audience

With a drag and drop selection process, creating the perfect target audience is simple. You can select locations, device types, different browser types, where the visitor came from and so much more.

Focusing your experiments has never been easier.
Screenshot of the Webtrends Optimize product screen for importing your own custom data

Import your own custom data

To build more personalised experiences for your visitors you can import your own data to allow more refined segments. Webtrends Optimize allows for both single scheduled imports from a number of sources. All data can also be exported to allow import into business analytics tools such as Tableau and Splunk.
Screenshot of the Webtrends Optimize product screen for reporting on an AB test

Dive deeper into experiment data

Within Webtrends Optimize you can interrogate the experiment data without the need of external tools.

The built in reporting tool provides you with a plethora of test analysis including chance to beat control and statistical significance of tests.

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