Onsite Retargeting

Increase Cross-sell and Up-sell Opportunities

Unlike offsite retargeting (pay-per-click advertising, for example), retargeting a consumer while engaged on your site can deliver significant improvements to your conversion rates.

Target Smarter for conversion optimisation

Knowing when, what and how to retarget should be based on a thorough understanding of who the visitor is and what he or she has done on your site both historically and within the current session.

Even if a visitor has never been on your site before, you can use previously acquired segmented experiences from other visitors to tailor-make retargeting proposals at an appropriate time.

You can also improve your onsite targeting by importing your own segmented data into Webtrends Optimize.

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Personalise the user experience

Onsite retargeting benefits from the context in which the visitor is in. If someone is already on your site then they are more likely to be interested in what your site offers. You have to some degree, a captive audience. Ensuring continued engagement is key to turning a browser into a shopper. It’s not always about discounting price to make the potential purchaser buy, it’s about them feeling that their online experience is aligned to their needs.

Travel Example

Promotional offers lightbox whilst browsing & tailor-made offers within context.

Retail Example

Stimulate additional purchases with free delivery & add accessories to complement a purchase.

Finance Example

Offer special rates for increased monthly savings & provide information of new products and services.

Choose your solution

We have a range of website optimisation solutions available to best suit the needs of your business.

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