Partnerships & Agencies

Join the network of trusted partners using Webtrends Optimize to help grow their clients’ businesses.
Access the most comprehensive CRO tool on the market, with AB & Multivariate Testing, Personalisation, Server-Side APIs, Product Recommendations and Social Proof all included as standard.

Strategic Partners

Use our platform, combined with your services, to fulfil all your clients’ CRO needs. Get onsite training, preferential pricing, recurring commission, plus strong support over JIRA & Slack and co-Marketing/Sales opportunities. Access to all benefits of our Referral partnership.

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Technology Partners

Work with us to bring great tools closer together, for the benefit of our clients. Whether we’re augmenting your data with ours or vice-versa, or looking to integrate and recommend tools, a technology partnership helps interested customers get more from our tools.


Referral Partners

Our intro partnership is available to agencies or individuals via a simple client referral/introduction fee model. We provide support & guidance, plus the ability to purchase a ‘feeder’ licence’ yourself to facilitate a number of your smaller clients’ testing needs.


Take a closer look

See how Webtrends Optimize Next Generation can help you to manage your clients testing, personalisation and optimisation requirements.

Why Webtrends Optimize?

Unlimited Experiments

  • Unlimited tests, targets & projects
  • Unlimited users & sub-domains
  • Unlimited segments, goals & reports

Absolute Flexibility

  • Pure Self-Service SaaS option
  • Hybrid support, tailored to your needs
  • All features/tools available to all users

Comprehensive Testing

  • AB, Abn, MVT, Behavioural, Split tests
  • 100% flicker-free testing
  • Server-side & Mobile SDKs available

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If you have more questions or want to know a little more about our partnerships, send us a message or call us on 0333 444 5503.

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