Website Personalisation

Unique experiences for unique individuals

Setting up a target using the Webtrends Optimize platform to personalise a website

Drive great customer experience

Website Personalisation drives great customer experiences and it all starts with knowing your visitors. Gaining insight into past visits to your site enables you to tailor content specifically to their needs on future visits. Use web analytics data to establish the best customer journey for each of your visitors. Understanding their product preferences, when they visit your site and through which channel, are simple measures that can start to take you on the road to personalisation.

Meet & exceed visitor expectations

Serve up content that is tested and proven to perform based on a visitor’s attributes and activity.

Integrate information from CRMs, loyalty programs, eCommerce platforms and other data sources – even score visitors to target offers to high-value customers.

Partner with Webtrends Optimize to deliver experiences that drive results and create happy customers. 

Person lit up in crowd, highlighting how user experience should be personalised to meet & exceed visitor expectation

An introduction to website personalisation

Find out how to deliver the best customer experience to your visitors.

Make personalisation personal

No two customers are alike. But visitors now expect personalised and intuitive experiences. Brands can deliver a relevant and consistent personalised journey to every customer by leveraging user demographics, behaviour and intent. Whether it’s the copy on a landing page or a personalised offer on a particular product, you’ll have the ability to target customers with unique, highly impactful content allowing you to differentiate your brand from the competition.

Mobile phone showing how you can add personalisation into your visitors journey using historical and real-time data

Personalise experiences while customers are on your site

With Webtrends Optimize you can tailor visitor journey’s & deliver content based on both historical and real-time behaviour as well as demographic and location. Providing exceptional experiences that improve conversion rates.

Website and Mobile App showing how personalisation can be used across different devices

Tailor experiences across devices types and engagement method

Personalised targeting allows you to offer visitors a great experience on every device regardless of how they are engaging with your site or app. Create loyal customers by using Webtrends Optimize to give them a seamless and tailored experience for every screen and browser.

Mobile phone showing example of website personalisation where geotargeting is used

Create context through geotargeting

When a customer is searching online for vacations in Italy and lands on your travel site, delivering an Italy-specific landing page is giving the customer exactly what they want. Use Webtrends Optimize to capture and leverage searches as they arrive on your site. This will improve the results on your landing pages and campaigns.

iPad showing an example of website personalisation where higher value customers are targeted with premium services

Engage high-value customers

Financial services companies may want to present their higher-value customers with premium services or offer credit cards branded with personal images or local interests based on geographical segments. Use targeting to take action on your audience segments and provide relevant offers to make them feel special.

Choose your solution

We have a range of website optimisation solutions available to best suit the needs of your business.

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