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Increase online conversions, maximise website ROI and enhance digital experiences with website optimisation.

What is Website Optimisation?

Website optimisation is the term that describes any process of improving website performance. Typically sites will have a number of success goals or metrics that are required to be optimised, for example a sales funnel. Improvements in Site Speed Optimisation (SSO), Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO), and even Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), can all contribute to website optimisation.

Website Optimisation is no longer optional

In a fast pace “always connected” world, optimising your online user experience is essential to keep your business ahead of your competitors. However, many companies start website optimisation in a piece-meal fashion with no strategy around what, or how they are going to implement it. To get the best results requires planning, expertise and experience.

Website optimisation is a continual process that should never stop as it is constantly evolving. With the ever-connected consumer, every organisation needs to ensure that it remains relative to their audience.

Optimisation strategy & tactics depicted by 2 pieces of a jigsaw fitting together

Key Website Optimisation techniques & practices

Below are some key techniques and practices you can utilise.

CRO tools

Optimising site speed

  • Reduce HTTP requests as it helps with slow load of a web page
  • Use file compression to reduce code files thereby improving site responsiveness
  • Practice image optimisation before uploading on your website

User experience

One of the most used strategies for website optimisation is landing page optimisation. Try:

  • Changing your CTA to different colour, size, font, text and location in the layout
  • Changing the location of your forms or have less required fields
  • Changing the landing page’s layout, by moving elements or sections to prime locations

Email Marketing

  • Use your CRM database as these are prospects and repeat customers which can be targeted with highly personalised messages to increase website conversions
  • Make use of AB testing on the email content (eg. images) as well as redirecting two different landing pages to see which generates the highest conversion rate

You can also look to reduce page errors and improve hosting performance, look into database optimisation & mobile-first indexing, and of course ensure you implement best practice SEO techniques.

Website Optimisation.
A process

AB or multivariate testing should be carried out with every optimisation project whether simple or complex, to confirm the results deliver the desired impact.

Take a look at our short video on the optimisation process.

Website Optimisation with Webtrends Optimize

Webtrends Optimize can help you develop your website optimisation strategy and the delivery of these tactics, ranging from simple AB test button colour changes right through to one-to-one personalisation and advanced testing techniques.

All of the CRO tools and features mentioned above (ie. a whole host of testing methods, social proof & product recommendation engines, exit intent etc.) plus loads more such as hello bars and welcome messaging, funnel optimisation, site search optimisation are all available in the Webtrends Optimize platform as standard, with no hidden tiers or upgrades required to access anything.

Our services and support are all totally flexible too, so depending on the level of CRO maturity within your business, the size of your internal team, or your current partner’s service capabilities, you can add on the right level of ‘help’ that best suits your business model and budgets.

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