4 Ways to Improve Customer Experience in the Financial Services Industry

The digital landscape for banks, credit unions and other financial services companies has become increasingly complex. At the heart of this complexity is the omni-channel journey – customers using multiple touch points on digital, mobile and in-person. In fact, a new white paper from Frost & Sullivan shows that an overwhelming majority of customers (88 percent) use two or more channels to interact with their bank – and 46 percent use three or more channels in a given year. Here’s an excerpt explaining the omni-channel journey in relation to customer experience:

The combination of customer mobility, the broad availability of choices on the mobile Web, and lack of confidence that their bank understands them, means that today, the opportunity for missteps is greater—and just one can result in a lost customer. Missteps by FSS providers can include sending wrong, irrelevant, or redundant information; sending the right information across the wrong channel; or failing to make appropriate offers based on understanding the customer. Any of these can send customers and prospects scurrying to competitors who, today, are just a click away on a keyboard or mobile device. Moreover, it is not just errant tactical moves that can drive customers away; banks must get mobile right, structurally and strategically, to keep their customers. For example, 40% of U.S. consumers will move to another provider if a bank’s site is not mobile-optimized.

Download the Frost & Sullivan white paper to learn how to improve the customer experience through four data-driven opportunities:

1. Map your customer’s journey to provide a more consistent and relevant experience
2. Connect online with offline to build a comprehensive view of your customer
3. Build online experiences around customer segments to improve relevance
4. Go beyond the basics to stay connected on mobile

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