Now, more than ever, there is a pressing requirement for website optimisation and Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO). The past 18 months or so has pushed more and more businesses to further embrace their online proposition, heightening competition.

You might have a fairly new site, your website might be starting to look a little dated, or perhaps your online proposition is doing fantastic, and you want to keep it that way!

Whatever the reason, it is essential to be able to provide the very best customer experience. This will help you win new customers, improve existing customer loyalty, and deliver increased revenue for your business.

At Webtrends Optimize, we provide optimisation tools and services to help and support all types of businesses, from start-ups to well-established leading brands. In this post, I just want to talk about a few things which I believe make us the best fit for your business, whatever your industry and objectives.

1. Multi-Industry exposure

It is a huge benefit for your CRO partner (indeed any digital partner) to have relevant industry experience in your sector.

Understanding your market enables experiments to be created faster, knowledge of which experiments are more likely to succeed, and familiarity of any industry specific speak. Some regulated industries (energy suppliers, rail, healthcare and financial etc.) have very specific limitations, restrictions and guidelines that may need to be abided by.

Working with an experienced CRO provider that understands your industry and the guidelines they impose, will not only speed up processes but will also remove the possibility of building unworkable experiments.

In our 20+ years of experience, we have worked with companies in a huge amount of different industries, including every one of the regulated industries, so you can be assured that we will be familiar with (the m)any restrictions!

2. A vastly experienced CRO team

It’s not just our Industry experience that is key, it’s the fact that we have been providing website optimisation and conversion rate optimisation since the turn of the 21st century.

Experience matters, especially for software and service companies like us. Whilst the longevity of our company in the CRO space is important, it’s actually the experience of our people that allows our team to provide the confidence to businesses that they can count on us to help shape their future.

Most of our Optimisation Consultants have been in this field for over five years, our developers even longer and some of our employees have been working in CRO for over ten.

Having experienced people who know their stuff means that you can rely upon their advice and support, to ensure they are on your side to maximise the potential of your digital assets.

3. Unity in Diversity - A multicultural environment

‘Unity in diversity’ describes us very well. Our organisation is made up of people from many different multicultural backgrounds and from many different countries, blending seamlessly together as one team.

In addition, many of our team are fluent in more than one language which often helps our global clients and partners overcome barriers and speed up processes.

Effective problem-solving often involves working closely with others. Every fortnight, we have an ideation session, where anybody within the company can join in and share their ideas.

With such a mix of people with different experiences, backgrounds, and education, it helps stimulate new and innovative ideas which otherwise might not have surfaced.

According to McKinsey, a gender and ethnically diverse workforce are more successful. They found that companies that are gender diverse, and those who are ethnically diverse, are 15% and 35% respectively more likely to outperform those who do not.

Our diversity helps us to understand and appreciate each other's cultures. It also gives an edge to understand and communicate with our prospective and existing clients.

4. All for one and one for all

Before you choose your CRO platform, there are many things to consider. Cost is usually at the top of the list for many companies. However, all cost comparisons are not equal.

Whilst many CRO technology providers show an attractive headline cost you also need to consider if that is the total cost of ‘ownership’. Often this headline price does not include everything you need - you may find that there are hidden extras that need to be purchased to ensure that the solution is effective for your organisation.

These can include additional users, support for additional/more complex experiments, the splitting of differing methodologies into paid ‘tiers’ or packages, inclusion of any sub-domains you may have. The list goes on.

You must therefore look to compare the costs like for like wherever you can, and include all the tools, features, functionalities, as well as the support provided (as and where you need it) and any ‘extras’ you might need to pay for. Either as an end-user business or as an agency using the CRO platform to deliver a service to your clients.

Webtrends Optimize is an unrestricted, full-stack CRO platform with an ‘all-inclusive’ model - ie. all tools and features are available to everyone. No tiers. No paywalls. No upgrades required to access anything.

The solution is also feature-rich; AB testing, MVT, Personalisation, Social Proof, Product Recommendations, Client & Server-side, Third-party Integrations, No-code widgets for things like hello bars and pop-up lightboxes… They’re all available within our platform.

5. Online/Onsite training and customer support

This is one of the more important requirements for many companies looking at a CRO solution. And it’s also where we believe you can really separate the good guys from the rest!

Support to us is more than just an email address to contact when something goes wrong. Support requirements are different for everyone. That’s why we offer different levels of support dependant on your needs as a business.

And what’s more, you don’t have to take out long support contracts, or match them to your SaaS licence; just purchase the level you need for the period you need it for. Simple.

On top of this every single client or partner will always have access to our core support and we’ll always be there to provide any extra help or guidance as and when you need it.

We offer our clients many different methods of contacting our support team; email, phone, online service tickets, or even online chat.

Whatever the size of your business all users get the same access. We are extremely proud of our customer service and believe this is reflected in our G2 reviews where we are rated number one for support.

To conclude...

I know that this post is a bit of self-promotion, but as a team we are really proud of what we continually deliver for our clients and partners. The quote below from one of our partners really resonated with me when I started writing this article:

“Webtrends Optimize’s enterprise, full-stack solution, without the paywall barriers that usually entails, was a huge influence in choosing them as a partner.”

“Their flexibility was also key. We had an open conversation about what would allow us, and our clients, to achieve our goals, and they were able to build a bespoke package for us to make that work.”

To me it encapsulates all of the above points and everything we look to achieve at Webtrends Optimize – we aim to make your life easier and help you deliver your business goals.