If you’re like me, you have mobile apps that were used once and then quickly forgotten. Maybe they didn’t work as expected, or they didn’t stand out from the sea of other apps filling up your phone. There’s lots of competition for mobile user attention. According to Juniper Research, by 2017 mobile app downloads will reach 160 billion, which means you need to make sure your mobile apps are loved and deliver business results.

To do so, it’s vital to understand user needs and experiences – how people flow through your app and whether it is performing as expected. Then, you need to take action on that insight by creating compelling mobile experiences – such as testing content to boost retention, engagement and conversions. Good news! Now, with just one Webtrends Optimize mobile software development kit (SDK), you can capture and analyse native and hybrid app behaviour, run in-app A/B and multivariate (MVT) tests and personalise text and images.

Webtrends Optimize Mobile SDKs 

We’ve recently released new mobile SDKs for Android and iOS to help your team create the mobile experiences you want to offer in less time, and with fewer development resources and releases.

Our latest updates help you deliver on your mobile strategy – even if you have limited resources – by speeding application deployment and requiring fewer releases to support measurement and testing/targeting changes. And, you can measure and run the same tests across operating systems and compare results all in one place.

In addition to support for the latest OS versions and functionality tracking, here are some of the capabilities that will benefit your mobile initiative:

  • Modify content, such as buttons, images, labels, text fields and text views, to create more compelling experiences in your apps
  • Run A/B and MVT tests in mobile apps, and even run tests when a device is offline with local caching of content for no application slow down
  • Use remote configure metrics without reissuing your app — saving you and your users time and effort
  • Support for your projects and tests that are configured in the Optimize user interface
  • Send Optimize test measurement data to all Webtrends Optimize reporting interfaces
  • Get a sample iOS app to speed development, and Cocopods support, so developers can work on iOS in their environments

Mobile applications account for the bulk of digital media time on mobile devices. Make sure you’re building the app experience to get the time and attention of the mobile consumer.