Our testing and content targeting strategy  tips come from 15 years of working with top brands and seeing first-hand the remarkable conversion results they get by following these insider tactics. As promised, here are a few more tips for optimizing your conversion funnel (plus a bonus tip of advice):

  •  Stick to your testing schedule

It’s so easy when you’re too busy to put projects on the back-burner, but you’ll be leaving money on the table if you don’t start testing now and staying with it.

  •  Create distinct test variations

What you’re testing should be obvious to everyone: big image one vs small image two, or link vs button. If testing elements are too similar, you get similar results. That adds little value to knowing what really resonates with visitors.

  •  Test more than one page

There is no “one size fits all” in testing, even from web page to web page. So testing just the home page does nothing to reveal what works on a landing page. Test whatever you can and watch conversions lift.

  • Test across digital channels

Testing isn’t just for web sites. It’s for all your digital channels. Try testing a Facebook landing page or a mobile app interstitial, or content targeted at different steps of the conversion funnel.

  • Stay focused on the big picture

Remember that each test is just one step in the overall conversion funnel. Your goal is to find out what works for each element or page, and then target relevant content to fuel lift.

  Bonus tip: Testing and content targeting is never done.

Optimization is an ongoing process, and it’s worth it. The pay-offs are: higher conversions, greater revenue, and an organization driven by data not guesses.