Motorcycle Superstore recently utilized  Webtrends Optimize for a series of A/B tests to fine-tune its online checkout process, and ultimately maximized its shopping cart performance. The tests unlocked $2.5 million in additional incremental revenue for the Superstore.

As interest in site testing and adoption of it grows, we’re seeing a burgeoning trend: significant and planned site tests can translate into significant wins. Simpler UX tests can also deliver results but on a much smaller scale.

The Motorcycle Superstore $2.5M win is proof of how a well-planned and executed test plan, that recast the checkout process, delivered huge value. The online retailer had run smaller tests previously, but with commensurately smaller bottom-line gains.

To put it a different way, if you’re at the pool to workout, you’ve got to use your entire body to swim. You can get a little wet by dipping your toe in, but that doesn’t mean you’re swimming. Dive in and start swimming! The results can be huge.

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