Inspirational and Achievable: See How Banks Can Deliver Customer Experiences That Connect

At Webtrends, we understand and expect that each business and industry is unique with specific goals, challenges and opportunities. In our years of working with clients of all shapes and sizes across industries, we frequently observe trends in the way enterprises approach cross-channel data collection, analysis, experience optimization and personalization.

Trends in the travel industry spawned our last aspirational video, Sailing to Conversion, which illustrated how travel marketers can effectively analyze and capitalize on their customer’s digital experiences. Now, we have imagined a similarly innovative enterprise, this time in financial services, for our newest video, Banking on the Right Connections.

The hero of the story is Dan, a digital marketer for Neighborly Bank. In the video above, you’ll see how Dan is driving the success of Neighborly bank in the following areas.

Driving Quality Traffic
Working closely with the Webtrends Search & Social Marketing team, Dan is executing on a paid search strategy that’s pulling in loads of new visitors to campaign landing pages. One of those visitors, Jim, who has just moved to a new town, finds himself on a mobile landing page that gives him all the information he needs while looking for a new bank. He signs up for a checking account with Neighborly on the spot.

Optimizing the Customer Experience
Dan is using a number of testing and targeting strategies leveraging Webtrends Optimize to make sure the best experiences are being offered to Neighborly’s customers by improving the site’s performance and customer satisfaction. One example is multivariate testing, which he used to optimize mobile landing pages. The results showed that by allowing users to prepopulate the application form with information from existing identities like PayPal or LinkedIn, conversions increased by 10 percent.

Content Targeting and Remarketing
Dan also uses content testing in email to learn what resonates best with customers. He found out that adding personalized credit card offers to the welcome email for new customers yields great results. Jim’s browsing history on the site revealed that he has an interest in travel rewards, so he received a customized travel credit card offer as part of this testing and targeting strategy. Even though he didn’t select a credit card right when he got the email, the next time he came to the Neighborly site, he was again presented with personalized content. Jim’s in and it’s another win for Dan!

Segmenting and Connecting
Fast forward a year and Jim’s now a newlywed. After Jim adds his wife to his account, Dan uses Webtrends Segments to automatically update the couple’s audience profile to a new group: newlyweds! Neighborly knows that newly married couples are often looking to purchase a new home, so they’ve set up a trigger-based action to send out a home mailer with mortgage rates to customers in this segment. The timing is right so Jim and his wife take action on the offer.

Connecting Digital and Human Touches
Dan has learned from his cross-channel analytics that the hand-off points between the online and offline channels can be a huge drop-off point. As Jim researches the mortgage offer they received, they are presented with an opportunity to connect with someone at their local branch for more information. With this pop-up, Dan has provided a clear path for Jim to get the personal support he needs and drive Jim to the best channel for mortgage conversions.

Enhancing Customer Service
At the end of the video, the couple visits their local branch to finalize the loan. With robust data on the couple, the banker is able to offer personalized customer service, creating a memorable and delightful experience.

Customer experiences like Jim’s are possible, and finding a partner like Webtrends can help you define and build the experience that’s right for your business and customers. If you’d like to find out more about how Webtrends clients in the finance industry are building experiences like these, to receive tips, examples and best practices from time to time.