Earlier this week, we were down in Miami at NetFinance, a multi-channel marketing conference targeted specifically at financial institutions. During the show, we met with banks and various financial institutions to identify their struggles and provide suggestions on how to help them better understand their online customers.

Webtrends optimize at NetFinance

Online banking and financial services are industries that have seen exponential growth in recent years. However, with this growth came increased complexity as customers began interacting on tablets, phones, desktops and social media rather than simply walking into their local branches, which is where most of the selling and cross-selling historically occurred. Financial institutions are struggling to keep up in the wake of this shift.

For example, a customer may browse a bank’s credit card on their website, begin to fill out the form and then jump ship when it becomes too time consuming or difficult. Without regular face-to-face interaction, banks need to measure and optimize their online channels in order to reduce this type of “abandonment.” For example, PenFed, or the Pentagon Federal Credit Union, dramatically increased the number of people who signed up for their branded credit card by analyzing how customers best respond to ads and offers and making adjustments to the way they presented information on every customer channel.

This kind of insight is incredibly valuable as financial institutions seek to provide the right experience across all channels. Not only does it make the experience more user-friendly for consumers, it benefits the business through increased conversions, upsells and cross-sells. Given the conversion increases that we’ve seen among our finance customers, we released a topical advisory this week to highlight digital best practices that have helped our financial clients improve the customer experience on their sites.

For companies looking to improve their customer experience but not limited to just of the finance vertical, we also had an article post on VentureBeat called Five Ways to Get Better Results from Data-Driven Marketing. This article dives into best practices on site optimization and how marketers can benefit from asking the right questions to make the right changes.

At Webtrends optimize, we know that understanding your consumers is the best way to give them the experience they want. This is all accomplished through testing and targeting the content you serve up. We’re here to help you understand your customer journey and get the best results against your digital marketing strategy. To learn more, feel free to contact us and we’re happy to help you take your customer experience to the next level.