Due to business being anything but normal at the moment, we will be releasing a number of informative blogs over the coming weeks to either provide you with some ideas for your site, or guidance to get you planning and ready to go for when we get back to ‘business as usual’.

Timely and targeted messaging is known to be extremely user friendly and acts as a notice area for your customers.

This isn’t a new concept but more of a refresher in the power of targeted messages, designed for simplicity as ‘Hello bars’.

Here are some suggestions of how you can efficiently keep your clients up to date with changes in your business. (The suggestions below are to highlight the simple but powerful impact of a targeted message).

Idea 1:

Inform customers if you are open for business or not.

Idea 2:

Inform customers that you have high demand, they appreciate the heads up and know what to expect.

Idea 3:

If you can manage your customers orders, reassure them with this information.

Idea 4:

Play with the design, make it more eye catching, so it stands out and gets your message across.

Idea 5:

Signing up to email notifications can make customers lives easier and allows you to be pro-active.

Idea 6:

Inform them of your situation before they start shopping. Your customers will appreciate your honesty.

Idea 7:

Tell them what efforts your putting in place to help them. Again, this reassures and makes them feel valued.

You may already be offering some of these messages, which is great.

If you are struggling to get them added to your site (or frequently updated as things change) due to a lack of resource or flexibility in your CMS, then you can also add them via Webtrends Optimize. We are currently offering a free trial (with zero commitment) to help you help your customers during these uncertain times.

Don’t forget a targeted message doesn’t have to be tested with another variation it can simply help with usability throughout your website.

For more information on this or anything else we can help you with please get in touch.