As we are, at last, seeing light at the end of the pandemic tunnel as the vaccine program begins to deliver hope of normality, I thought that it’s a good time to reflect on what has been the most unusual period to be running a business.

How it started…

Back in early March last year, no one could have predicted the impact on businesses both large and small; the massive disruption on the Travel, Retail and the Hospitality sectors (amongst others), the accelerated shift towards online, not to mention the personal tragedies of many thousands of people.

Here at Webtrends Optimize we too have had to adjust. Our expansion plans had to be scaled back significantly. However, we required our development roadmap to continue at pace as we felt we needed to deliver even greater value to our clients at this time and to do so without increasing prices.

As companies tightened their belts and furloughed staff, we saw that many needed more help to rapidly improve their digital presence to participate in a more competitive online world.

Our Optimisation Consultants have been even more supportive, delivering greater volumes of experiments than usual, which have helped those businesses grow during these unusual times.

How it’s going…

Through all this we had to remain focused on the future; to continue to build our business to meet the needs of a broader market.

We cannot stand still, we believe that continuous improvement, even in such extraordinary times, will build stronger client relationships and lay firm foundations to expand further when we get back to normality.

We have seen many successes over the last year, our G2 rating is the best it’s ever been, in fact we’ve been rated the #1 testing tool for satisfaction.

Our client satisfaction levels are at an all-time high, we’ve delivered over 30 product enhancements in the last year, which all either reduce complexity or improve efficiencies and reduce manpower costs.

Our partner programme has doubled to over 150 and we now do business in over 40 countries worldwide, an excellent achievement even in a non-pandemic year.


I cannot be prouder of every one of my team that have helped us achieve so much. They continue to go the extra mile, to maintain the high levels of professionalism and do so with a smile.

I’m looking forward to getting back in the office and seeing everyone face to face again – rather than over a computer screen!