Optimisation solutions sit between your content and your users – invisibly collecting information and serving content that defines the customer experience. That places a great deal of responsibility on the optimisation vendor to protect the integrity of the relationship you’ve established with the user in the first place. This is especially important when you test behind the login, within a cart, or in a booking funnel where sensitive information resides.

With security always a top priority, it is no accident that Webtrends Optimize has been optimising experiences for some of the largest names in financial services, healthcare, travel and retail without a breach or incident. Below are a few reasons why.

Security and privacy: Protecting data and identity

Webtrends Optimize solutions have been audited by the largest financial institutions in the world and have always met or exceeded privacy standards. Secure data centres, PGP encrypted data and appropriate use of SSL ensure integrity of live tests and test data. Our optimisation solutions do not collect any personally identifiable information (PII) and can be configured to exclude IP addresses from data collection to support emerging regulation on visitor tracking.

Client-owned data: Don’t look, don’t tell

You see them all the time: vendor reports that use client data to gain exposure and credibility by looking across their client base to surface enticing trends and metrics. But the data they are using to gain these insights is based on data collected form users who did not consent to have their behaviour aggregated into a report, and often done without the knowledge of clients whose data is being aggregated. While it may be enticing to use client data to discover behavioural trends and market those insights, Webtrends Optimize never accesses that data. Webtrends clients are assured of the fact that we do not inspect or share their data for any purpose. Why? Cuz, it’s not ours!

Governance and risk management: Built-in process; rigorously exercised

Have you ever dealt with a Chief Security Officer? “Did you use any open source?” “Did you scan this for vulnerabilities?” “Did you submit that for review before you checked it in?” Endless questions, threat modelling, OWASP secure coding practices and a record to suggest it’s all worth it. We do not have data breaches. We routinely breeze through audits such as SOC3 on a first pass. This is all because we have a team devoted entirely to securing your data and the relationship you worked so hard to establish with your customers. We take nothing for granted.

The bottom line is we take seriously the trust our clients place in us and the trust your customers place in you. Visit our website to learn more about A/B and multivariate testing or targeting and personalisation.