At Webtrends Optimize….

…we help businesses increase online conversions…
…we maximise the ROI from their website and other digital assets…
…on average our clients achieve a 26-times return on their investment…
…our simple approach and market-leading technology allows experimentation without restrictions…
…we have an absolute focus on the customer at all times…
…we understand one size rarely fits all, and that ethos is at the core of everything we do…

We have this text on our website. It forms part of Our Goal and ticks all the boxes for the points we want to get across. Great tech? Check. Big ROI? Check. No restrictions? Check. Flexibility? Check!

You’ve probably seen something similar on everyone else’s site. Most marketing and/or technology agencies, platforms, vendors etc. will have something about them, their vision, and their way of thinking on their websites.

You may choose to ignore this stuff, viewing it as mere marketing spiel. Or maybe you skim it but pull out some of those key points to challenge the authors should you be going into a meeting or demo with them – “When you say ‘no restrictions’ just exactly how do you quantify that?”

Of course, you may read this stuff and just accept it as gospel. “Done. Sold. Where do I sign?” If you do, then I have some magic beans available for a very reasonable price. DM me…

Challenge Us

Ideally, we want you to be in that middle group. See it. Register it. But please challenge us, Talk to us. Ask how we align our goals to you and your business. How we can help you, specifically.

We get this all the time in our demos and we’re more than happy to elaborate on how our platform, and/or services, and/or partners could help you achieve your business goals, or even just help you to work through a problem you might have.

So, in this post I wanted to take a couple of those key points from the top of this page and give a little more insight into why they’re not just standard marketing fluff – they do actually mean something.

1. Conversion

Let’s put this out there straight off. This should be a pre-requisite of any CRO platform/agency and one of the fundamentals of experimentation/testing along with improving user experience.

Maximise ROI

Our managed service clients genuinely achieve an average of 26-times ROI within the first 7 months of engagement across a variety of industries such as Retail, Travel and Financial/Insurance, as well as other eCommerce websites.

That’s all well and good but then what? If all we’re doing is picking off the quick wins, the easy stuff, then (dependent on the site) that well will run dry pretty quickly and we won’t work together for very long, and rightly so.

However, we generate ROI and increase conversions continually and over a longer period of time. That way we build trust with our clients and develop a partnership that can last years. We’ve got clients who we have been working with for nearly 12 years. That doesn’t happen unless you can continue to generate that return.


There are several ways we can do this. I elaborate further on this in the Customer section below, but we don’t advocate a process where we work for a client, we promote a way of working that is a partnership – working with a client.

This way we can deliver and support larger scale projects as well as the ‘low hanging fruit’. The larger projects have ranged from things such as delivering an entirely new solution within our platform such as a Social Proof engine (more on this in the Technology section) or just complex experiments and/or personalisation projects.

Our team review past tests and provide detailed recommendations to further improve projects that have already delivered success. We properly analyse the minutiae of the detail in the data, reviewing assumptions to create data-backed re-works. We learn as much from the tests that ‘failed’ as the ones which worked.

Another thing we do is advocate the client building tests themselves alongside the managed service throughput. Every single client has access to ‘self-serve’ and use our platform themselves. All the while collectively contributing ideas and solutions. This increases velocity and delivers even more ROI.

We also carefully select agency partners who have this same approach, ability, and desire to deliver this high level of ROI so that we can offer a range of solutions to our prospective clients. Either way the collective core aims are the same.

2. Technology

Market-leading technology is a bold claim. But it’s one we’d stand by every day of the week.

Standing up to Optimizely

Optimizely X was understood to have set the standard in 2016 as an experimentation tool used in the mass-market.

Back then, Webtrends Optimize was still playing second fiddle within its own company to an Analytics product Webtrends Inc. were looking to sell.

We hit our stride again in 2018 following the separation from Webtrends and began developing faster than I’ve seen any testing tool move, whereas Optimizely X hasn’t changed that much since it’s General Availability (GA) release.

Feature-for-feature, we have the edge, and regularly find ourselves at less than a 3rd of the price for equivalent functionality.

Plus, none of our functionality is gated behind paywalls/tiers – we genuinely want all technology in the hands of all users and make it as easy as possible for that to happen. How many other tools can say that?

And it’s not just us saying this. Check out our G2 reviews. And we regularly get comments like this in demos and sales meetings:

“This is the most comprehensive reporting of any testing platform I’ve ever seen.”

“It’s great to see how much of your roadmap is shaped by what users are asking for, and just how much you’ve got on your list to deliver.”

“It’s the best experience I’ve had with any of the test platforms I’ve worked with over the years”

We pulled together a feature comparison earlier in the year, just to see exactly how we fared against Optimizely using data from their website. And the results only serve to back up what we originally thought.

Feature-rich platform

Our platform is feature-rich. And we deliver new features, updates and enhancements each month.

This ranges from things our in-house team ask for to make life easier (it always helps when your biggest critics sit 5 yards away), to things we believe, from our hands-on engagement, that our clients or partners need – to things they outright ask us for.

A great example of this is our social proof and product recommendations engines. A client wanted to test how effective their existing vendors were, so we built them our own versions and tested them against each other (and against not displaying them at all).

And our versions smashed it! So, we built it into the product and made them available to everyone as standard. It also allowed the client to consolidate their vendors, safe in the knowledge that the replacement worked for them.

There are countless areas where we excel beyond what else is out there – a staging environment that lets you test everything before going live (the tag, transformations, audiences, metric capture, integrations), comprehensive MVT build and reporting areas, a tag that performs better than top competitors, a full stack solution with Server-Side and Mobile App testing included as standard etc.

These all prove our desire to be a customer-centric business as opposed to a revenue-centric one.

3. Customer

The ‘customer’ for us means many things.

It could be the end user. It could be the client. It could be one of our partners. Or it could be all of these.

Either way, to us we ask the same questions. How can we make your experience better, easier, more efficient? How can we ensure you meet your objectives in the smoothest possible way? Be that getting through a sales funnel and making a purchase, delivering a project or reviewing the results.


We build relationships based on trust. As I said above, we work with clients and partners to achieve their business objectives and strengthen their digital assets. As well as helping to streamline their processes when needed.

A perfect example of this was where a client asked us to build an automated product listings and sort order algorithm. It ticked many boxes for the client, they could test its effectiveness and it delivered not just ROI but improved processes too. Particularly useful when the COVID-19 pandemic hit as the now automated process meant one less thing to worry about.

No restrictions

Fundamentally, as we say at the top of the page, we have a simple approach. All of our tools and features are available to every one of our clients and partners. No tiers. No paywalls. No upgrades required. Experimentation is fully unrestricted for everyone. Tests, targets, projects, users, goals… all unlimited.

We also offer complete flexibility in our offering. One size rarely fits all is not just a soundbite.


If you just need technology/SaaS either to self-service or run your CRO programme via an agency, then that’s not a problem. But if you need anything we’re still there to support.

We understand that not everyone wants to put all their eggs in one basket and get tech and services from one source. Or maybe there are geographical reasons (both inside and outside of the UK) why the platform from us and services from a trusted partner works.

If you want our fully-managed service then we have a hugely experienced team in-house who will work as an extension of your own. Use them. Sound them out. Listen to them. Lean on them. They’re bloody good at what they do. You also get access to the platform yourself anyway so you can push the envelope as much as you have the time and capacity to ensure you squeeze every last drop out of your investment.

Even if you sit somewhere in the middle, we can tailor make a package of tech and services that compliments the skills you have in-house and works for your budgets. Just talk to us.


We also try to look at what we would want if we were the client. And one of the key things we’ve always believed in is keeping our pricing realistic – and stable.

We don’t increase prices. Not at renewal. Not ever.

Our price points are well researched and are what we’d be happy to pay for the quality of the technology and services we offer. And we’re not going to change that and ‘shake you down’ just because we think you can afford it or that you ‘need us’ at a renewal.

I’ve seen it happen elsewhere, I’ve been told by people it’s happened to them, and we know how incredibly frustrating it is.

We’re able to do this as we’re constantly making our tech more efficient as it evolves. This allows us to counter any ‘inflation’ or other excuses that might be used as reasons for a price increase.

Our self-service/SaaS pricing is based on the number of sessions your website gets. And we’ll always have a practical conversation with you at the start so that you don’t exceed your limits 6 months in and get into nasty overage charges. I’ve seen this so many times with other CRO platforms.

For a fully-managed service our price is fixed and it is what it is for everyone. It won’t change. Regardless of the number of sessions your site gets or how big it grows.


As you’ve probably worked out I’m not giving away all the good stuff in this post – you at least need to buy me a G&T first for that!

But the intention was to just show a few examples of how we make those promises that everyone comes out with a little more tangible and real.

We’re always more than happy to give more specific case studies, ideas and advice.

Just get in touch, we can set something up, and I’ll wheel out the members of the team much better qualified than me to show you just what you are missing out on and how we could help, and deliver for, your business.

We’ve built great relationships with our clients. We’ve worked with many clients for several years. Quite a few of them are more than happy to take the time out to have a conversation with our prospects while they are in the decision-making process.

That really means a lot to us. And I also think it says a lot about the principles and standards we constantly try to maintain and live up to.

So, Why Webtrends Optimize?

Because everything stems from focusing on those 3 pillars: technology, customer and conversion.

And essentially (to butcher a Steve Jobs quote) our aim is to be the best out there, not the biggest.