At Webtrends Optimize….

Market-leading technology; Experimentation without restrictions; increase online conversion; Maximise ROI; Absolute focus on the customer; One size rarely fits all; Feature-rich platform; Full-stack All-Inclusive…

We have these things on our website. Nice sentiment? Sure, but do they mean anything? How do we quantify them?

You’ve probably seen something similar on everyone else’s site. You may choose to ignore this stuff, viewing it as mere marketing spiel.

Or maybe you skim it but pull out some of those key points to challenge the authors should you be going into a meeting or demo with them “When you say no restrictions…

Of course, you may read this stuff and just accept it as gospel. “Done. Sold. Where do I sign?” If you do, then I have some magic beans available for a very reasonable price. DM me…

Ideally, we want you to be in that middle group. See them. Register them. But please challenge us. Ask how we align our goals to you and your business. How we can help you and your business. Specifically.

So, in this post I wanted to take a couple of those key points from the top of this page and give a little more background into why, for us, they’re not just standard marketing fluff - they do actually mean something.

Market-leading technology

It is a bold claim. But it’s one we’d stand by every day of the week.

Optimizely was understood to have set the standard in 2016 as an experimentation tool used in the mass-market.

Back then, still as part of Webtrends Inc, despite being the first testing & targeting solution in the market (created in back in 2000) and being incredibly powerful, Webtrends Optimize wasn’t really exposed to the wider world, as it was purely available via a fully managed service.

However, in 2018 following the separation from Webtrends Inc we began developing faster than I’ve seen any experimentation platform move.

Now, feature-for-feature, I’d say we have the edge over any other platform out there (but when you compare it to tools like Google Optimize, the difference is even more stark) - with a key difference between others with similar capabilities and Webtrends Optimize being our commercial approach.

Full-stack, All Inclusive / Experimentation without restrictions

There are countless areas where we excel beyond what else is out there - a staging environment that lets you test everything before going live (the tag, transformations, audiences, metric capture, integrations etc.), comprehensive MVT build and reporting suite, a tag that performs better than top competitors, a full-stack solution with Server-Side and Mobile App testing included as standard etc.

Fundamentally, we have a simple approach. All of our tools and features are available to every one of our clients and partners. No tiers. No paywalls. No upgrades required. Experimentation is fully unrestricted for everyone. Tests, targets, projects, users, goals… all unlimited.

We genuinely want all technology in the hands of all users and make it as easy as possible for that to happen. How many other tools can say that?

Feature-rich platform

Our platform is feature-rich. And we deliver new features, updates and enhancements each month.

This ranges from things our in-house team ask for to make life easier (it always helps when your biggest critics sit 5 yards away), to things we believe that our partners or clients need - to things they outright ask us for.

A great example of this is our social proof and product recommendations engines.

A client wanted to test how effective their existing vendors were, so we built them our own versions and tested them against each other (and against not displaying them at all).

And our versions smashed it! So, we built them into the product and made them available to all of our users as standard. It also allowed the client to consolidate their vendors, safe in the knowledge that they’d already tested the replacement solution worked for them.

Increase Online Conversion

Whether supporting your in-house team, working with your agency partner, or leaning more on our own team, one of the core goals is always the same - increasing conversion.

However, If all we’re doing is picking off the quick wins, the easy stuff, then (dependent on your site) that well will run dry pretty quickly and we probably won’t work together for very long, and rightly so.

We and our selected partners are proven to generate ROI and increase conversions continually, over longer periods of time.

That way we build trust and can develop partnerships that last years, just as we have with many of our clients. That doesn’t usually happen unless you can continue to generate a return.

Maximise ROI

Maximising the return on your investment is not always purely about hugely increasing your conversion from ‘winning’ tests (although it always helps!).

We also pride ourselves in providing the ability to finding other technical solution or consolidating other tools, such as Social Proofing or Product Recommendations, into a proven better solution (as I mentioned above).

We’ve done this for clients and it’s literally saved them hundreds of thousands per year, and that’s just running costs, before you even start experimenting with it.

Another good example of this was where a client asked us to build an automated product listings and sort order algorithm. It ticked many boxes for the client, they could test its effectiveness and it delivered not just revenue from the front-end, but also, significant further savings from the streamlined processes too.

Absolute focus on the ‘customer’

The ‘customer’ for us can mean many things. It could be the end user. It could be one of our partners. It could be a client stakeholder. Or it could be all of these at the same time.

Either way, we ask the same questions of ourselves. How can we make your experience better, easier, more efficient? How can we ensure you meet your goals and objectives in the smoothest possible way? Be that getting through a sales funnel and making a purchase, delivering a project or analysing the results.

We build relationships based on trust. We work with clients and partners to achieve their business objectives and strengthen. As well as helping to streamline their processes when needed.

A good example is our game-changing new data pipeline and reporting suite, Discovery. We scoped out our own requirements of course, but crucially we discussed the project with some of our partners and clients to see how we could make their lives easier (which was the end goal) and then incorporated their needs and priorities into both the initial delivery and the subsequent roadmap.

Commercial Model (One size rarely fits all)

Our SaaS licence pricing is based purely on the number of sessions your website gets. So there’s no massive leap from free to an absolute fortune as your site gets more traffic. It scales appropriately to support you as you grow.

And we’ll always have a practical conversation with you at the start of your contract anyway, so that you don’t exceed your limits 6 months in and get into nasty overage charges. We’ve seen this so many times with other CRO platforms.

We believe our price points are very well researched and 100% what we’d be happy to pay for the quality of the technology and support we offer. And we’re not going to change that and ‘shake you down’ just because we think you can afford it, or that you ‘need us’ at a renewal.

I’ve seen it happen elsewhere, I’ve been told by people it’s directly happened to them with other vendors, and we know how incredibly frustrating it is.

We also offer complete flexibility in our approach to the support you need from us. One size rarely fits all is not just a soundbite.

And don’t forget, as I mention above, your licence cost is always inclusive of all features and functionality. Nothing is restricted. Even if your current licence cost is free.

So, Why Webtrends Optimize?

Because, to butcher a Steve Jobs quote. our aim is to be the best out there, not the biggest.

Our desire is to be a customer-centric business as opposed to a revenue-centric one. And it’s not just us saying this. Check out our G2 reviews.

We’re always more than happy to give more specific case studies, ideas and good advice - just ask.

If you want a closer look at the platform, get in touch! We can set something up with our experts and I'll wheel out the members of the team much better qualified than me to show you just what you are missing out on and how we can help you and your business.

We’ve built great relationships with our partners and clients. We’ve worked with many of them for several years. Quite a few of them are more than happy to take the time out to have a conversation with you while you are in the decision-making process.

That really means a lot to us. And I also think it says a lot about the principles and standards we constantly try to maintain and live up to.