Reporting Dashboard

What is a Reporting Dashboard?

A reporting dashboard contains current data and highlight specified metrics in visually appealing graphs and tables and in some cases run live data through them. They allow users to see topline results as well as being able to easily delve into more specific details if required.

Reporting dashboards are used by various industries and departments to gain real-time insights to trends and KPI’s.

The difference between a Report and a Reporting Dashboard?

A report is a review of data which is not updated automatically and is a snapshot of the data collected within a specific time period. Reports provide a high-level review and detailed insights of historic data.

In contrast a reporting dashboard provides an ‘at-a-glance’ view of the current data that you are tracking and monitoring. You can monitor key performance indicators in real-time, in one place using a tailored template which is usually designed to help drill down into specific answers and information.

For example, a Customer Contact Centre may use a reporting dashboard so they can see how many inbound messages they are receiving and what topics the inbound messages are about; whereas a static report would be able to tell you how many inbound messages and what the topics were at a specific period in time.

Finally, a reporting dashboard will also allow users to manipulate and interact with data dynamically, whereas reports show a static picture of the existing data.

Why use a Reporting Dashboard?

A reporting dashboard helps users to easily see and interpret real-time data. The design of the dashboard is (usually) styled by the creator allowing graphs and tables to represent findings in the most relevant way possible.

A reporting dashboard can be used by anyone and any department or industry. At Webtrends Optimize a reporting dashboard is automatically created for every test that is built. Data is presented in real-time but extracts and any external analysis will be representative of the requested date period.

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