Test Data Extracts

What are test data extracts?

Specifically, test data extracts is a term used for the data which is exported from the results of a test, often pulled form different formats and in different forms, so that it can analysed and investigated to retrieve the relevant information and insights.

Test performance reporting within Webtrends Optimize is based on aggregate or totalised data, e.g  All views, All conversions. Underpinning these calculations are the visitor test event logs/tables each of which is attributable to a specific visitor via a platform generated visitor id. 

This enables reporting on unique visitor events. Event counts and calculations, form the basis for the aggregate reporting and time series charts displayed within Webtrends Optimize.  

Benefits of test data extracts

For each visitor event, attributes such as userAgent, location, browser, operating System, data transmission, domain controller name, visitor IP (optional) are all collected.

It is also possible to configure the test to collect custom attributes such as order value, units per transaction, order ids into the data tables. 


The unaggregated data is available to be extracted and downloaded as a time and day stamped  .csv  file.

This allows for:

  • Deeper analysis and data-mining
  • Specific ad-hoc statistical analysis using tools such as R or SPSS
  • Joining web test data with 3rd party data
  • Custom dashboarding using tools such as Tableau or PowerBI
  • Test troubleshooting and auditing

Where can I find Webtrends Optimize test data extracts?

The test data extract wizard can be accessed directly from the pull down navigation.

Webtrends Optimize menu - test data extracts

Alternatively, a more direct way of extracting data for a specific test is by selecting it in the dashboard and clicking on the specific table icon.

Webtrends Optimize dashboard - test data extracts

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