AB Testing

Make informed, intelligent decisions for your website by utilising AB testing

A/B Testing where version B triumphs over version A on a Retail Website

Simple Testing. Maximum Results.

Your website is a powerful representation of how you want your brand to be recognised. That’s why it’s important to take the guesswork out of designing and delivering digital content to your visitors. Webtrends Optimize helps you create the best site and customer experiences through AB testing – from the right button colour to the ideal messaging and the most effective sales funnel – so that you can engage your visitors and inspire them to take action.

AB testing across channel & device

With Webtrends Optimize, you can perform quick and intuitive web AB testing or deeper, more robust multivariate testing in order to optimise your customers’ digital experiences, content and layout across channels, devices & business units.

You will get a complete, unified view of your visitors as they engage with your brand across web, mobile web, mobile apps, email, etc.

A/B Testing example screenshot with magnifying glass highlighting what has been changed

AB Testing vs Multivariate

Unsure of the difference between AB testing and Multivariate testing? Watch our short video and find out.

Get the most from your AB Testing

A/Bn Testing of changing button colours between orange, green and purple on a tablet device

Know which content inspires action

Even though you believe that yellow is an effective button colour, a simple test might reveal that your customers click purple 7 percent more often. With testing, you’ll get a statistically significant view on which message, button, design or any other element best resonates with customers.

A/B Testing of outbound emails with different coloured buttons on mobile

Create more meaningful marketing

Help your email marketing break through the inbox noise. Webtrends allows you to test your emails to determine the experiences and messages people engage with. The difference in the position of a button can mean potential increases in conversion rates, so don’t guess what works – know.

Choose your solution

We have a range of website optimisation solutions available to best suit the needs of your business.

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