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Webtrends Optimize develops a social proof & product recommendation engine to help Get The Label consolidate solutions

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The Client

Get the Label is a subsidiary of JD Sports Fashion Group and is the ultimate website for discount branded sports fashion and footwear. Starting in 2009 it began with only 300 product lines but over 10 years on the number of products they sell have grown exponentially and in addition to the UK, they now trade across parts of Europe and Asia.

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The Challenge

Having seen phenomenal growth during their relatively brief history, Get The Label’s success in part, was due to the technology decisions they made along the way to underpin their online presence. As with many companies, as technology advanced, they acquired numerous different ‘point solutions’ to keep them at the forefront of their digital marketplace.

However, they were concerned that the number of existing software solutions meant having to administer numerous interfaces and manage multiple supplier relationships – also leading to increased costs.

The challenge was to consolidate these solutions without sacrificing the core requirement of utilising the best technology and without negatively impacting the current customer experience. Plus maintaining their digital advantage.

Liz McNamara, Marketing Director of Get The Label said “The driver for us was to select a strategic partner who could work alongside us to collaborate and innovate. They also had to deliver technical solutions that could satisfy both our immediate and long-term needs”

“The Webtrends Optimize team built us a social proof and product recommendations engine and had it live on our site in a matter of weeks. It outperformed what we had before, and we’ve now got an extensive roadmap of ideas to try.”

Liz McNamara

Marketing Director, Get The Label

The Solution

Webtrends Optimize already provided Get The Label with a comprehensive CRO solution providing unlimited testing, targeting and a whole host of personalisation tools. At the time of the supplier review, Get The Label utilised additional vendors to provide a Product recommendations engine and social proofing capabilities.

The solution? Webtrends Optimize built a social proof and product recommendations engine in a matter of weeks and then AB tested the new technology against the existing vendor – and it came out on top.

Following the rapid delivery & success of these additional features, Get the Label selected Webtrends Optimize as their consolidated technical solution and strategic partner.

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“The transition from multiple vendors into a new partnership was easy; a lot easier than we thought. We had no interruption to delivering a consistent customer journey and the speed of the delivery from Webtrends Optimize meant it was much quicker than we anticipated too.”

Liz McNamara

Marketing Director, Get The Label

The Results

The obvious cost and time savings from only managing one supplier relationship weren’t the only results for Get The Label. They were also able to realise additional benefits through this process.

The reduction of the number of supplier tags on the site had an added bonus of significantly improving latency & site speed.

Using just one application interface and service rather than three reduced development & planning time, meaning new requirements could be in place and effective more quickly.

And not to be overlooked is that Webtrends Optimize provides the ability to dynamically AB test within the new tools, such as the product recommendations engine. This could be testing out different messaging, or different placements and positioning – whatever it takes to ensure the very best user experience is provided and maximise sales.

This provides advanced insight and a better indication of what, when and how other product lines should be offered to the customer – and in the case of some pages, even ‘if’ they should be offered at all.

“Get The Label pushes us to develop things we’ve never done before, to everyone’s benefit. It’s great to see our Engineering team pull together to deliver a social proof & product recommendations engine so quickly, and these features are now available for everyone to use in our platform.”

Matt Smith

CEO, Webtrends Optimize

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