Partnerships - FAQs

Why should I look at Webtrends Optimize over my current supplier?

Having been in the industry for decades and having experience of clients both large and small we know that high quality support is a major issue. Many suppliers are reducing the help they provide partners mainly due to the high costs of acquiring and retaining good CRO and development skills. We are passionate about our technology, our expertise and most importantly our client’s success (whether partner or end user).

We are flexible in our approach to partners as we know that one size does not always fit everyone. Many of our partners have skilled personnel, others very little – either way we believe that we can provide the level of support and service that your business requires.

I notice you also sell direct to end users as well as through agencies and partners – so what guarantees that you will not sell directly to my clients?

If you sell our solution to your client, then we will always respect that, and any business either now or in the future will be transacted through you. We will NEVER take the business direct. If we pass business to you, then unless the client requests a change of partner or a different relationship, we will continue to deliver the business through you.

Do you have specific regional partners?

The internet has made regional differences less important, so we don’t create artificial boundaries where we only have a certain number of partners in a particular area. You are free to sell our solution wherever you see the opportunity. The only caveat is that if our solution is either already being used within a client or we have an existing relationship with them we will discuss how to proceed.

Does the partnership allow free use of Webtrends Optimize for my own website?

We want you to use our solution to showcase our technology, so we provide use of the Webtrends Optimize platform free of charge for your own website.

I don’t have any CRO expertise, but I am interested in selling your solution – Is that possible?

You don’t have to be conversant with CRO to be able to partner with us. If you want to just refer clients and take a fee for doing so, then we offer that ability. If after a period of time you want to become more hands-on, then we have a great help site with loads of videos to get you knowledgeable in our technology.

I have my own CRO developers so why would I need yours?

The answer is… you probably don’t. So that’s why the flexibility on our offerings is attractive. If you don’t need to use our expertise then that’s great but if you do from time to time, we can accommodate that also.

Do you offer any free trial period for my clients?

Depending on which partnership agreement you have in place, it’s possible for you to have either a free trial within your own environment or request a free 1-month free trial from us directly.

What’s in it for me - How does your pricing work?

As we mentioned before, our partnerships are very flexible and therefore we can’t give you a definitive answer until we understand your business model. However, there is always a generous margin or finder’s fee to make working with or recommending Webtrends Optimize worthwhile. Please contact our partnership team for more details.

How long do you keep my clients data?

If you operate within areas covered by GDPR there are strict regulations which we fully comply with. We act as a Data Processor and therefore are not responsible for any data that you or your clients upload into our solution. In all areas we hold client data for a rolling 12-month period. At the end of a contract we delete all data 30 days after expiry.

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