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Netcore Cloud is a globally recognized SaaS company, offering full stack of mar-tech solutions. Their team help product and growth marketers deliver AI-powered intelligent customer experiences, across all touchpoints of the user’s journey.

Making successful strides for 25 years, Netcore Cloud today serves over 6500 clients spread across 20+ countries, delivers over 20 billion emails a month, and tracks upwards of 120 trillion marketing events every year. Global brands like Tommy Hilfiger, Crocs, Hamleys, McDonald's, Kentucky Fried Chicken, The Body Shop and more, trust Netcore Cloud to scale their customer acquisition, engagement, and retention initiatives.

At Netcore Cloud, they believe clients deserve ‘Intelligent Customer Experience’ across all digital touchpoints. Therefore, experiences are Contextual, Personalised and a delight to you and your customers.



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S T C House, 7 Elmfield Road,
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We are extremely excited to partner with Webtrends Optimize. Netcore is a full stack marketing automation platform working closely to help customers achieve 1:1 digital experience. Through our partnership with Webtrends Optimize we plan to help clients achieve these metrics.

Abithab Bhaskar - International CEO @ Netcore Cloud

We’re delighted to partner with Netcore Cloud, it’s great to see innovations in technology that are truly moving customer experience forward. Netcore Cloud’s means of converting cart abandonment from within an email is just one example of making a customers life easier, and utilising Webtrends Optimize we can run experiments on groups that have fallen in or out of those experiences.

Matt Smith – CEO @ Webtrends Optimize

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