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RocketMill are an employee owned, independent, full-service digital marketing agency that put people first.

They believe creating long-term relationships is the key to success. When it comes to relationships between clients and their customers, RocketMill focus on creating value for people by enriching the experience the audience has with a brand. They create long-term relationships with their staff by understanding them as people, educating them and empowering them to consistently innovate, and with passion. Which ultimately, provides the best results for their clients.

They offer a range of digital services that unite performance marketing with creative, offering their clients a service centred around their business success.



Region: UK
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City View, Stroudley Road,
Brighton, BN1 4DJ

We’re delighted to partner with Webtrends Optimize. Their straightforward pricing model that includes all features as standard enables us to run the experimentation programme that we want to run, rather than the one that we can run within the limitations of other tools.

Marc Young - Chief Commercial Officer @ RocketMill

With a broad spectrum of services to offer clients, it’s great to partner with Rocketmill. Their use cases to continue experiences from paid media to on-site experiences, and to use ground swell data to re-merchandise websites, are pushing the boundaries of experimentation. We can’t wait to do more of these projects with them!

Stuart Rex - Commercial Director @ Webtrends Optimize

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