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SERPsketch shows what an end user sees in the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). The idea being that once you know what they see for the terms most important to you, you can then focus your marketing efforts in the areas of the SERP that appear at the top, outsmarting your competition and driving more traffic to your site.

Knowing who you’re competing against, at the keyword and category level can shed significant insights. Unlike traditional keyword trackers, SERPsketch focus on the top keywords that drive traffic into your site (across PPC and Organic) and then measure those, optimising for the most visible features.



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I’m delighted to partner with Webtrends Optimize. Having experienced many other CRO tools and platforms in this area, there is nothing on the market that is as functionally rich or available at such a competitive price point.

The ideal scenario for most businesses is to drive more traffic to their website and in turn convert more of that traffic into buyers. Users aligning our technology with Webtrends Optimize will be able to efficiently and easily deliver on both ends of that ideal.

Stuart Rex – Head of Client Services @ SERPsketch

SERPsketch is a very unique tool and fits hand in glove with Webtrends Optimize in terms of strategy. Businesses can see exactly who they are competing against in the SERPs, which features of Google are going to be best for them and visualise exactly where the opportunities are.

Maximising those opportunities delivers an increase in website traffic, allowing a higher number of users to be exposed to the optimised experiences provided by Webtrends Optimize, delivering even more powerful results.

Matt Smith – CEO @ Webtrends Optimize

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