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DPL have a customer data and analytics platform, which allows their clients to use their data to increase ROI and streamline processes to provide greater efficiency. They lead the way on predictive analytics, behavioural and data science, using machine-learning solutions to refine and enhance processes and utilisation of the available data. This ensures their clients know their customers intimately, and ultimately gives users the ideal strategic data to deliver an increased engagement.



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By aiming to bring the in-store experience to online users, DPL’s mission helps brands drive performance by bringing the customer mindset back to the centre of their marketing. The experienced team at DPL, founded in 2018, is made up of technical experts, leading academics and marketers, with an absolute focus on behavioural and data science. This use of personality-based marketing and ‘social research’ is what makes these experts stand out in the industry. They can provide data so that any business is able to understand what emotions or promotions can drive consumer engagement, or what personality type is most likely to complete a purchase.

DPL’s new VC-backed personalisation app, Personai, demonstrates how the company plan to lead the way in mature and cutting-edge personalisation. Using this technology to access real-time consumer behaviour triggers, the app allows users the opportunity to drive exceptional performance enhancements for their business.