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SessionCam specialise in creating optimisation tools and are one of the most experienced vendors in their marketplace. They work mainly with Ecommerce, Retail and Financial Service brands in the UK, Europe and across North America.

Back in 2009, with the aim of improving customer experience, they launched their highly popular session replay solution. This tool records the entire user experience across desktop and mobile devices and gives users the ability to replay the session. By tracking interactions such as mouse clicks, page scrolling and mobile screen gestures, users can immediately identify potential errors, and spot opportunities for improvements in usability and conversion. Watching recordings of user behaviour helps to highlight obstacles in the customer journey and find where there may be segments that need to be optimised.



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They were the first solution of their type to introduce machine learning algorithms to automatically measure the customer’s ‘struggle’ within the data they record. This means that users can easily identify session replay recordings that demonstrate the most ‘struggle’ in order to find which website pages are causing frustrations. They also provide many useful pre-defined filters which can be used to segment the website recordings.

SessionCam software is not just valuable for web analytics teams. It also provides information potentially useful for many other departments within a business including marketing, customer insight and IT support teams.

They have regularly added further essential tools such as heatmaps, conversion funnels and more to their portfolio. These tools tick all the boxes for software needed by brands of all sizes to allow SessionCam to deliver consistent success.

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