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Predict what each individual consumer will buy next - delivers personal product selection.
Uses 100% automatic product selection for each consumer of the products they love.

SwiftERM uses a sophisticated predictive analytics algorithm to supplement your existing marketing software and predict what each individual customer will purchase next. Using the individual’s buying history and pageviews to identify what products are sparking their highest level of interest, it then automatically emails them details of those items, whilst they are still in the buying mindset.



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I’ve been looking for a partner to complement our offering for a while, and the CRO and personalisation technology Webtrends Optimize have is best-in-class.

David Swift - CEO @ SwiftERM

SwiftERM’s capabilities are fantastic and I’m really excited at exploring all the ways in which we can integrate the two technologies to further enhance our client’s ROI, and their customer’s onsite buying experience.

Matt Smith – CEO @ Webtrends Optimize

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