Getting to know you

Brands have been showing their softer and fun sides over the last few years. Probably due to the world getting smaller with global reach becoming easier.

The graph below from eMarketer Statista, demonstrates the continuous growing trend.

Social media allows brands to express themselves in lighter ways rather than having to stick with the corporate identities and traits more evident pre-2010.

As you know, Social Media allows companies to interact with their customers on a more personal level. As well as customers signing up to follow what their favourite brands have to say through various social network outlets.

What we have observed specifically during the past few months during covid-19 is companies response and acts of kindness shown during this tough time. Through Social Media and non-promo based TV & radio ads we can see more charitable offerings and a time of coming together.

Kinder times

I think it is important to recognise those brands Covid-19 responses who I think have really tried to do more during these strange times so here’s just a few companies that I have come across lately:

Firstly Mulberry who have been making PPE gowns for our NHS staff. They’ve also not been the only Fashion Designers taking on this massive task! Others such as Barbour and Saville Row have also changed the way they work. Their staff have adapted to not only changing what they specialise in making on a daily basis, but have also gone into work under new social distancing rules and at a time where people were and still are nervous about leaving their homes.

Joe Wicks PE Classes 5 days a week via YouTube. Not only has he been leading the nations children to keep fit and active…. but is also donating the money he has raised from his advertising brands to the NHS.

Learning new skills online for free from companies such as Skillshare, Udemy, Coursera is something which has been popping up a great deal on my social network feeds. Helping the world learn during a time of crisis, and keeping people busy and occupied.

We also should of course not forget supermarkets, who have generally been very good at accommodating for vulnerable elderly and key workers. Opening for different audiences and being the first to really act and set a safe precedence for us all.

There’re so many brands adapting to Covid-19 responses that have really helped out the nation during these strange times. The few examples above highlight that it isn’t just about donating money, but it has been more about donating time, strategy and support – demonstrating a desire for us to all pull together in times of crisis.

Client work

I couldn’t write a blog without mentioning a few of our clients and what they have been doing to try and support customers in their own way.

For example Victoria Plum have been offering new finance deals to their Trade customers to help businesses keep going.

Is it safe to travel? If holiday makers are going to book to travel across the world once again then we need to know if our money and booking will be safe. Here is a clear message from Black Tomato, they explain how they will postpone trips if needed or even re-route travel plans:

Conclusion – Lets keep up the good work!

It has been a time for the UK workforce to come together, learn new ways of working and try in someway to make it easier for each other.

Sometimes you don’t need to give a lot, just a bit of time, support or clarity can mean so much. Let’s hope this kindness and consideration continues into the ‘new normal’.

Simple, informative messaging and a focus on what your customers and visitors are wanting to see is always important and is simple to implement.

Test Ideas:

  1. Updating Hello Bars with targeted updates, can be implemented and updated within hours if not minutes.
  2. Welcome Messages, even if it’s to put a smile on customers faces!
  3. Reminders of whats back in stock, or an update on what your now able to do as a business that you couldn’t at the beginning of lock-down.
  4. Delivery and return announcements especially if they have been changed or extended.
  5. Details of what customers should expect if they visit your store. Peace of mind is a key message at the moment.
  6. Even appreciation messages – thanking people for shopping with you.

If you feel adding adaptive messaging to your website would help you help your customers then get in touch. We’d be more than happy to show you how it can work for you. We are also offering Free Trials and Free accounts if you prefer to skip the talking – simply sign up and get stuck in!