We recently commissioned a survey of 2,000 British consumers to find out more about their habits and opinions when it comes to email marketing. What we found is that spam is driving them mad – even though many of those emails are from brands they actually like.

The research revealed that the average Brit has 260 unopened emails in his or her inbox, totaling more than 11 billion across the country – and the majority of them are from brands. Many of these emails came from brands a consumer signed-up to receive offers and communications from. So why do so many sit unopened?

The answer, for the most part, is about relevancy.

Of the 20 percent of Brits who never open brand emails, 60 percent say they would be more likely to open them if the subject line contained information that was personalized to them. Likewise, of the 65 percent of people who sometimes or often open brand emails, 82 percent would be more likely to open them if the subject line contained personalized information.

While there are a number of ways to improve personalisation, many brands will be moving toward the next step of contextual personalisation.

Contextual personalisation combines historical and real-time online data to deliver context-sensitive offers in the moment when the consumer is interested. With the advent of beacon technology, retailers are already looking at ways to combine online behavior with in-store activity – contextually personalized messages can be delivered to an individual who visits a store at some point after browsing that store’s website, truly enhancing the customer experience.

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