Hello Bars, Nano Bars, Notification Bars or whatever you want to call the long sticky promotional banner on your site are great ways to generate leads, host announcements, gather email subscribers and so much more. In essence they get the KPI done!
Hello Bars are the gentle reminders you need on your site; subtle enough so not to freak out your customers by being too intrusive or being a stalker, yet available, acting as a gentle convenient prompt.
Hello bars are often overlooked by marketers as they are seen as tacky and pushy, more like a market traders shouting out a bargain rather than the warm glow you can give your returning visitor by just welcoming them back and using their first name. So subtly may be the best route.

Our top 6 uses of Hello Bars:

Welcome Back Message; As long as these are not over used, they do provide a psychological stimulus of engaging the visitor back into a place where they have been before. It’s that similar feeling that you get when you enter your local bar or pub where the landlord welcomes you with “Hi Jack, the usual?”

Gain Subscribers; This is a great way of stimulating visitors to sign up- especially if there is a small bonus for handing over their email address.

Promotions; Ever found a coupon code; gone to the website and then forgotten it? Why not have the promotion within a ‘Hello bar’ on your site which can follow your customer to their checkout. Your customer will never have to leave your site in search of the coupon they forgot.

Shipping; Want free or special priced delivery and to be told upfront? Why not display your delivery options upfront within a Hello Bar to help upsell and increase average order value?

Up and Coming Announcements; Ever got to the website to have missed the flash sale or for products to already be out of stock? Why not be upfront with your customers and let them know of your up-coming events. If they have not subscribed already this would be the perfect opportunity for them to receive pre-event information via email.

Last Visit Prompt; Picture this, you don’t quite have time to complete your order or at the very least make it through to the shopping funnel to save your order via a predictable Exit intent popup? However, you can use the hello bar to prompt returning customers back to the place where they were the last time they visited your site. To make it even more personalised you could add their name. “Jack, do you want to revisit the last page you viewed when on your last visit?” You may want to set up an action not to show this message if the last visit was over a week or so.

All in all its time to say “Hello” to hello bars to improve your customer journey and make your visitors feel welcome.