It’s clear that every company’s path to web personalisation is different. We provide guidance to our clients to help them get started and work closely with them to advance their capabilities in the areas that are right for their business needs and goals. But even though each company is different, there are themes that are universal indictors of success. Here are six critical success factors you can put in place:

1. Adopt a Customer-First Mindset
Consider the complete customer journey across all digital and human touchpoints and apply that perspective to your measurement, segmentation and digital optimisation programs. Mobile isn’t necessarily an independent strategy, but an important touchpoint within the complete customer experience. Think about optimising the customer experience, not just the channel experience.

2. Get the Data Right
In the age of the customer, companies that win will know more about their customers. Webtrends has been in the data business for 20 years and we know that laying a solid data foundation is critical to digital success. In fact, much of our time working with our clients is spent getting this foundation right. Get the data right first, then build from that solid base. If you don’t, you’re on shaky ground.

3. Develop a Culture of Measurement and Make Your Analytics Actionable
Measurement should never be an afterthought. Measure everything you do and do it upfront not after. Evangelise the results and use them to justify your investments (and gain approval for the next ones).

4. Think Beyond the Technology
The biggest barriers to advancing digital marketing at many companies is not the lack of technology, but the lack of expertise, people and process. Making these areas a priority will make the difference and enable sustainable and repeatable success.

5. Gain Buy-In Early
Operational silos are another barrier to success we see often. Gain buy-in from and alignment with other departments and key stakeholders – they are your partners.

6. Start Small
If you haven’t started on a journey toward web personalisation or advancement with any other area of digital marketing, it can be a daunting decision to determine what to do first. There are so many options. The most success comes when you start small. Pick a project, or a webpage, or an app – something small, but that has a clear measures of success. Don’t boil the ocean, just iterate and learn. Don’t let perfection get in the way of progress.

The path to personalisation has plenty of challenges along the way, but keeping these six success factors in mind from the beginning will increase your chances of success.

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