The Scoop on Recent Product Updates at Webtrends

It’s been a busy year here and the product team at Webtrends has been working hard on new enhancements to help our clients reach their business goals through innovative digital measurement and optimization solutions. If you haven’t had a chance to keep up with the latest product developments, below are some recent highlights we’d like to share with you.

More capabilities to help marketers optimize the customer experience

In April, we released the latest version of our visual editor within Webtrends Optimize, which enables marketers to more easily deploy A/B testing and targeting in an easy-to-use interface. The enhancements made to the visual editor are the latest steps along our journey to provide enterprise clients with comprehensive optimization solution that offers additional flexibility between self-sufficiency and a fully-managed service.

With the new visual editor, you can build and manage tests and targeted experiences through a more intuitive editing workflow. Users can also test content, layout, design and customer journey variations. Webtrends Optimize empowers multiple enterprise business units to test and target experiences simultaneously with clear collision avoidance.

Here is more information about how to use the new version of the visual editor.

Innovating in Big Data for powerful exploration and insights

The launch of Webtrends Explore was a significant milestone in the growth of the Webtrends portfolio. Webtrends clients are successfully using Explore every day for ad hoc data exploration and to answer questions they previously could not answer with through reporting.

Explore is an application on top of the Webtrends Big Data architecture, a platform leveraging Hadoop and Spark in regionally dispersed data centers. We have been evolving our Big Data footprint over the last few years and today 100 percent of our clients’ data passes through our Big Data engine. In excess of three billion events are processed per day with almost three petabytes of data already processed and stored so far.

Since the launch, we’ve been making continual improvements to enhance the user experience and increase the power of Explore. We doubled our investment in Spark servers, and increased the volume of our Hadoop cluster. We’ve also updated many of the software components in the architecture to further boost Explore’s performance.

We are so proud to have of the smartest and most innovative Big Data architects and developers working behind the scenes at Webtrends. This InsideBigData interview with Pete Crossley, our chief architect, is worth a read for those who want more detail on how we’ve taken an innovative approach to working with Hadoop. There is a lot more to come in this area, so stay tuned for more exciting developments around our Big Data developments.

Mobile updates that improve the performance of your mobile marketing investments

Did you know that more than 25 percent of the traffic that comes into Webtrends is from a mobile device? This continues to grow as more and more marketers are focusing on a ‘mobile first’ approach. Webtrends has offered mobile analytics and optimization for many years and is committed to continuing our mobile product investments.

We recently released updates to our Android and iOS SDKs. The latest mobile app SDKs support remote configuration enabling you to adjust the way you measure your analytics in your mobile apps without having to reissue your app. There are also refinements to data capture to improve the user experience by reducing bandwidth, processor time and battery life. With the latest release of our iOS SDK, we also now support Apple Watch and have Swift and CocoaPods support to help make your iOS development go more smoothly.

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